My First Week at FPM3

It has been a week since I have started at FPM3 as a Social Media Marketing Intern. It has been remarkable, not only to work and gain experience, but also to belong to this great team. It is significant for a newcomer, after the cultural shock and the daily uprooted feeling, to feel welcomed in a workplace. It becomes a positive experience in the long and uneven adaptation process.

In this week I had the opportunity to accomplish different tasks, including design and writing.  I have learned Social Media techniques like how to measure interaction in Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.  I have absorbed different ad agency insights in Canada, which is completely different to the way it worked in my previous employment.

With a graphic design background, I never thought that creative writing and social media would be so important for a marketing & advertising agency. I have learned that it is essential in these days to have a voice in social media, especially for a company that does advertising and design.

I have educated myself to enjoy the challenges and the adrenaline rush, but I must confess that I felt some fear to write, as English is my second language. After a week, I surprised myself, organizing and elaborating ideas for blogs during my free time. Maybe I have an inner writer that always wanted to come out, and I never let it be.

I have particularly enjoyed the positive energy in this workplace. It is important not only to have a good reputation amongst clients, but also have a positive energy going around the people that work in a company. In FPM3, the positive energy and positive attitude makes me wake up every day eager to come and contribute with my two cents to the company, while learning and growing as a professional.

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