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Google Places now linked with Google +

by: Adam

Another cog in the wheel at Google + as they showcase that they are building all the tools at Google together slowly. It started with separate systems, and now they are starting to link and connect. The importance of the Google + is slowly coming together and soon it could be bringing more value to the Social Media world. Google announced that Google + and Google Places (maps with your business) are now connected and to setup/manage your business you will now do it through your Google + account. The same Google + that will allow you to connect your friends and work associates together. How natural and perfect is this connection and the future of how Google + value grows from here. Maps, reviews and better SEO all linked with your social media connections, just simply brillant. Makes sense to me. This is very interesting for the future of…

Time for a new coat of paint at

by: Adam

Over the past 18 months FPM3 has enjoyed a very cool robust website. It has sliding images, a Mingle on the front, and a “ticker tape” style information feed that send all these blogs and Twitter feeds across the network. We even created the “custom chat” program that also works with Social Media (Twitter connections). However, as I teach, consult and help other companies with their strategies and developing a plan for their online operations. I have to look to make a change to ours as well. Coming June 4 will be a NEW clean looking website. Not that the other was dirty! We have a NEW mobile website, better outline of our locations and all the latest work that is taking place. I figured that for memory sake, I’ve attached a screen shot of the current website so we can all go back in memory lane in a few…

Chrome takes the lead!

by: Adam

vs After years of the online browsing lead, Internet Explorer has finally taken 2nd place to the leader Google Chrome. It’s hard to believe but it has finally arrived a new browser leader and is this the foundation for the future of computers? As Google has their laptop and tablets growing by the numbers it is inevitable that Google would eventually take the lead in the online browsing world. As Google comes out with their laptops and operating system that are fully integrated with their cloud computing, this truly is a milestone with respect to our online browsing experience and how we as users interact with our computer or shall I say “cloud” systems.The next 3 years will be exciting as we see more of our online providers bring us a much more robust experience through browsers and with cloud computing. Windows has a lot of catching up to do…

FPM3 launches Rob Leone Mingle!

by: Adam

FPM3 has added the Rob Leone Mingle to Check out his website to see what Rob has to say! To find out more information on how to get your own Mingle, please contact Jordan Anderson, Account Coordinator @ FPM3. Email: Phone: 905 777 9503 ext.24

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