Ontario should be renamed "Titanic"

by: Adam

I’ll start with Happy Family Day – officially the worst holiday of the year in Ontario.  A paid holiday that does absolutely nothing for the economy and was just another example of how the Ontario Liberals are a waste of space in government.  Now that’s out of the way…let me get onto another issue with Ontario.

February 13, 2015, a day that will go down in history as the first Canadian news media was no longer able to sustain itself in today’s technology and in this country. Over 200 people lost their jobs on this day. Only a month before it was announced that Target retail stores was no longer going to be operating out of Canada with over 17,600 out of work, that same day Sony had declared it was going to close down its retail outlets with another 90 people out of work. Tim Horton’s had over 350 people from head office laid off. And it’s not even the first quarter of 2015.  I smell recession…don’t you?

The Ontario election, had the Liberals win and was truly based on “saving” jobs in the public sector yet somehow the votes of Ontario have now resulted in thousands of jobs being lost in the private sector. It’s the private sector that actually generates the taxes that support the public sector. These were well-paying jobs that are no longer existing, the debt of the Ontario government continues to grow and you can see it through our Ontario debt clock that we created an FPM3 and share it with anyone that wishes to link it through their website.

The state of the economy in Ontario is like reading the Titanic. We all know what’s going to happen, it’s inevitable. Yet we keep hoping we’re going to change the direction of the economy. The reality is the Province of Ontario is going to sink. For the amount of good news versus bad news, the reality again is private sector positions in the workforce are disappearing quickly. It was forecasted that the Canadian banks will have to increase their interest rates within the next six months. The Liberal government is asking for Ontario citizens to consider giving their tax rebates back to the province to help support the debt. A carbon tax, renamed as carbon pricing, is to be introduced by the Ontario government as well to support lowering our emissions in the atmosphere. However this “pricing” that the Ontario government is proposing does not dictate how it’s going to truly help the environment.

Small businesses will continue to thrive, and more will start to open as they struggle to find work for their careers. The unfortunate reality is people who are self-employed usually get paid much less than minimum wage as they are always the last to pay themselves before they pay their taxes, their staff and their overhead.

Opening a business can be very rewarding with feeling good about what you’ve accomplished, however the challenges we face every day operating a business and the walls that are put up around us through government regulations beats down the inspiration to want to open a business. I encourage all of you to never lose sight of the ability and strength of which this province was once built on and that is self employed, entrepreneurs and private business that created the engine of which Ontario once was the leader. There needs to be more awareness as to what businesses are up against, the strangle and choke of regulations and taxes in the province are the icebergs in the water and the economy of Ontario is the Titanic sailing with dreams of grandeur with unfortunate reality that it’s just going to sink and it won’t be that long. I don’t want to sound doom and gloom in this post, but I also can see the reality and I hope you will as well. Speak up, speak out and don’t let Ontario and the Liberal government crush what could be the most powerful province in this country. Good luck to everyone starting a business and becoming their own boss. I would love to help.  Feel free to contact me anytime and I will be happy to give you any advice I can.

PS. Happy Family Day…whatever!