Our First Social Media Workshop

by: Marc

We had our first Social Media Workshop on February 19th hosted by Raven Cook. I had the chance to assist at this meeting and it was very interesting to be involved in a meeting dedicated to learning the best way to use the social networks.

Raven spoke about the different social networks, how to use them and how to reach as many people as possible. She is a very good speaker, answering all questions while being humorous and she really helped the attendees with different ideas, suggestions and strategies. It was interesting for them to learn which of the different social networks is most relevant, because their target is mostly young people (High-School and College), whom are the biggest users of the social networks.

There is so much to learn about social media! I can say this because I am part of the largest age bracket of social network users, and I didn’t even know about most of the information that Raven presented.
Indeed, I learned that if you click on Facebook advertisements (located on the left side of your homepage), each click will cost the company $2.50! I almost feel guilty now for sometimes clicking on it by mistake. I also learned the best number of posts to have on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter per day, which is very interesting to know and I also discovered other social networks that I didn’t know existed.