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Mobile, Web & Apps

If you need an informational, e-commerce or multi-functional website FPM3's got proven success with award winning website designs that work for your business and allow you to be found. Always building to ensure your website is mobile friendly, FPM3 has proven the ability to get businesses making money online for over 13 years. FPM3 is a leader in creating online websites that push traditional boundaries and set the standards for the future of website design. Our clients become leaders in their respective industries all through modern and attractive website design coupled with highly functional elements that positions them as leaders.

Orlando Outdoor Living | Website Redesign & Build

Orlando Outdoor Living (OODL), once known as Orlando Pergola and Shade came to FPM3 with a brand rename in 2019. Besides changing their name they needed a fresh website design that showcased the way Orlando Outdoor Living is changing the way people enjoy the outdoors! Much like how ODDL places a high value on creating a functional and beautiful design catered to each home environment, we make sure we created and implemented the same principles into their website design.


Chocolate Tales | Website Design and Development

Just as chocolate is a delicious way to enhance your experiences so is making an equally as indulgent website. Chocolate Tales takes pride in offering premium chocolate products, and various programs that are designed around you, your family, friends and colleagues. When FPM was presented with the opportunity to design and build a fully custom website for Chocolate Tales it not only got our heads spinning with ideas but our mouths watering at the idea! .Our goal with the website was to turn Chocolate Tales’ current 3 websites into one new, sleek and, modern website to show off their expertise in the industry. Our focus was on the product resulting in lots of rich and delicious imagery. We even added the opportunity for our client to sell their products right from their fully custom store! Another vital part of this build was making the site unique and user-friendly. Our team designed and built custom grid displays and added animations to really pull the site together.  We are proud to have launched this website at the end of May 2019 and look forward to the growth of Chocolate Tales.


Action Pest Control | Website Design & Build

New year, new website! We're always looking for ways to help our clients give their customers confidence by enhancing their online presence. For Action Pest Control, this meant designing a new, user-friendly, mobile responsive website that showcased their services and years of experience. They have over 38 years of experience in pest control, and we have 14 in digital marketing! Talk about the dream team. See it for yourself here.

MicroPro Sienna | Web Design & Build

When Timber Specialties wanted to showcase MicroPro Sienna, we designed a bright, welcoming, and minimalist website that did just that. MicroPro Sienna is not only a fully responsive website, but is also fully bilingual, offering users the ability to view the site in French. Working with Timber Specialties continues to be a dream come true - they know their products and they know exactly how they want them presented digitally through text, copy and content. Click here to check out their website.

MDL | Website Design & Build

When you offer as much flair as MDL Solutions does, your website needs to reflect that. That’s why we designed MDL Solutions’ new website with a sleek interface that showcased MDL Solutions as a premier HVAC provider. The website truly reflects MDL as a brand by having the site reflect their core products and services – luxurious, innovative, and modern. Check out their website here and see how stylish energy efficient and energy saving HVAC equipment can be!

Homes By DeSantis | Website Design & Build

When looking for a home, Homes by DeSantis is a familiar name that comes to mind. With their dedication to building progressive, customer-focused homes, it’s no wonder their communities sell out so quickly. It was a no-brainer for us to design a mobile responsive website that complemented their beautiful homes, and made it easy for users to find and request information on prospective properties. With attention to detail and dedication to stunning design and development, we built a site that made it easy for Homes by DeSantis to show off what they do best. Check out their website here.

Amateur Ski Club| Website Re-Design

Nothing could prepare us for the experience we had building the website for the Amateur Ski Club. It was a truly a test to see how well we could develop a website that not only came fully equipped with an online store but an online reservation system as well. We like to compare it to conquering the vicious slopes of the Swiss Alps and coming out on top with a slightly bumpy but perfect run.

ShredStation CT | Website Refresh

Everyone needs a little refresh every once in awhile, right? This especially applies to when you do not have a mobile friendly and responsive website. This is something that Shredstation CT found valuable for their business and we agreed. Shredstation CT wanted to make things easier for their customers when inquiring about quotes and orders on their website. We were able to organize the content on their website that made it both easy for the client and user to navigate the website and generate more quote inquiries. This refresh also allowed Shredstation CT to be ranked better in regards to SEO as well. Visit their website here.

Technology Initiatives Group Ltd. | Website Design & Build

Technology Initiatives Group (TI Group) is Canada’s leading authority for successfully identifying and recovering Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits for businesses in Canada. Their clients operate businesses that are involved in automation, tool & die, information technology, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, mining, agriculture and horticulture and so much more. TI Group came to us with the goal of organizing, and developing a responsive and comprehensive website that outlined how they can aid your business in receiving a cash refund or tax credit. Click here to view their website.

Caliber Tech Corporation | Website Design & Build

Caliber Tech Corporation provides services from cutting, forming, and rolling to welding, machining, painting and a host of other specialty services including permanent etching. That is a lot of expertise to showcase all in one website, but there is nothing too big or too small that we can’t handle. We wanted to build a website that would permanently be etched in the minds of those who visited the website.   We delivered a website that contains all the services and specialties they offer to their customers. View their website here.

Advantage Machining | Website Redesign & Build

Advantage Machining is a custom machining and small quantity part supplier. They specialize in the general machining and CNC, custom machine building and CNC turning up to 4” through bore and 80” between centres. Established in 2002, Advanced Machining is proud to offer their clients the highest quality in parts production and all out of their family-owned and operated machine shop in Hamilton, Ontario. It was no surprise to us that we were able to give Advantage Machining a website that is certainly “ A cut above the rest” of other custom machining and parts suppliers out there.

VeriCut Downdraft Cutting Tables Inc. | Website Redesign & Build

We may not know all about The VeriCUT Crossflow™ Downdraft System, but the newly redesigned and built website created by us can teach you a thing or two. The VeriCUT Crossflow™ Downdraft System is an expandable cutting table system for laser, plasma and oxy-acetylene workflows. VeriCuts’ tables are uniquely zoned so that their customers can use 66% smaller dust collectors while achieving nearly 99% smoke removal. No other system in North America can match this high level of efficiency and performance.

Video, Animation, Virtual Reality

Video has become a key source of success online. FPM3 has worked with animation, virtual reality, and even developed The Mingle. The Mingle is our proprietary video software that has been used by many businesses, including several fortune 500 companies. Trust the experts when it comes to developing an innovative online video message that complements your website and delivers results for your business online.

Countermeasures Security Solutions | Promotional Video

When Countermeasures Security Solutions came up with a new, innovative product, they wanted to show it off in a huge way: an exciting promotional video that would highlight all the unique features of their new gate. The ARMA Gate is a turn-key solution for security and reliability. Not to mention it is easy to assemble and transport, and used by contractors and consultants alike. We created this video with those features in mind to illustrate how exciting a gate can be!

Homes By DeSantis - Centre Square Video

We were given the task to create a video that showcased the livelihood within the Centre Square community within the Homes By DeSantis developments. We were able to string together a video that demonstrated how life in Centre Square could be like for potential buyers. The video showcased glamours features and benefits of living in a community like Centre Square, and was able to help buyers visualize their life with their partners, families and loved ones.

FitBucks Rewards | Animated Video

GlobalFit reached out  and tasked us to create a short promotional video for their reimbursement program FitBucks Rewards. We created a fun, informative storyboard and made a fun relatable character to go along with it. These reimbursements are meant to motivate the unmotivated and keep the healthy, well, healthy! So it was fitting for us to add some light, motivational music and some light-hearted yet informative information in the video. If you’re interested on knowing what FitBucks is all about, click here!

RDM Corporation | Corporate Video

For 25 years, RDM Corporation has worked with small and large business’ including the U.S Federal Reserve to provide both software and hardware solutions, including web-based and mobile RDC for large corporate clients and small businesses, transactional data management, and manufactures a wide range of digital imaging scanners - wow that’s a mouthful! The problem that RDM faced was simple, “How do we get people to understand who we are and what we do?” What better way to showcase their services than through a creative and animated video? The video clearly showed new users how flexible and efficient RDM’s products and software can be.

Impulse Technologies Inc. | Animated Corporate Video

FPM3 created the storyboard and then animated and edited the video for Impulse Technologies Ltd. Impulse first started in 1988 as an independent distributor of communications and industrial wire and cable products. Impulse Technologies services the communications and telecom industries with a vast portfolio of products. When it comes to industrial wire and cable, they have got the biggest and best selection in Canada. For more information about Impulse Technologies Ltd., please visit their website by clicking here.

ProQuip | Animated Corporate Video

With ProQuips’ Animated Corporate video, we were able to shed some light on what they do, which is providing Solar energy and LED lighting among various other lighting solutions. We were able to provide a top-notch video that educated viewers on the services that ProQuip provides to their consumers. Check it out!

OCAS | Animated Promotional Videos

OCAS came to FPM3 and asked us to create a series of videos to aid people in the proper steps on how to apply for college in Ontario. FPM3 created the storyboard and then shot and edited the videos for them. If you are interested in viewing the end result, please click the links below. For more information about OCAS, please visit their website by clicking here.

Applying to College: Ontario High School Students

Applying to College: Former Ontario High School Students

Applying to College: Individuals With International Education

SignAids | Promotional Video

SignAids came to FPM3 and asked us to create a promotional video for their product and app, Wity Frames. We created the storyboard and then shot and edited the video for them. If you are interested in viewing the end result, please click here. For more information about SignAids, please visit their website by clicking here.

FitBucks Rewards | Animated Promotional Video

GlobalFit came to FPM3 and asked us to create a short promotional video for their reimbursement program FitBucks Rewards. We created the characters, the storyboard and then put the video together for them. If you are interested in viewing the end result, visit their website by clicking here.

Lifesavers Park | Feature Video

Lifesavers Park is a little Hamilton, Ontario park we just adopted in May 2013. We plan to clean the park 4 times per year and this video showcases our debut of being the newest volunteers on the block to clean up the playground, field and fixtures. See our splash page at lifesaverspark.ca to read about our mission to give back to our community.

Branding, Logos & Designs

It's important to keep your brand consistent. For over 13 years FPM3 has had the ability to work with major companies to ensure brand consistency across multiple platforms. Brands such as Tim Hortons, Mercedes-Benz, Sara Lee, NASCAR, and a few other major businesses, trust in FPM3 to ensure a consistent brand message is delivered across countless mediums and marketing materials... FPM3 branding systems are still used by several major brands on both the regional and even global level. Whether you have branding or need something to identify your brand, FPM3 can assist with putting it together for you.

Carrie Soave & Associates | Logo Design

Designing Carrie Soave & Associates' logo meant piecing together many elements that illustrated them as a team. They wanted to stand out as modern, professional, powerful, and real-estate savvy agents. Keeping these qualities in mind, we we captured their vision and message in a timeless and elegant, minimalist logo that displayed these real estate agents' class and style.

Ontario Wide Insurance | Logo Design

We designed this logo for Ontario Wide Insurance to illustrate the many years of experience they have with providing personal and business insurance for over 25 years. Capturing their expertise in this unique design meant creating a minimalist, stand-out image that showcased their Canadian roots and years of service.

Cancer Assistance Program | Logo Design

Cancer Assistance Program came to us wanting to create more brand awareness for their organization, and specifically for their Annual Gala Event. Having previously designed event logos for them, we understood that the event itself needed to be visually represented well enough to stand on its own. Keeping in mind the need to build the brand awareness for the event, we designed this logo with the same heartfelt care that CAP provides to the members in our community that they serve everyday.

MB Fabrication and Design | Logo Design

MB Fabrication and Design deals with full-scale fabrication and manufacturing, offering complete services from concept to installation. We designed this modern logo with a spark, to showcase their attention to detail. They use  state-of-the-art equipment to meet their clients' specifications, so when we designed their logo we were sure to use the latest in Graphic Design technology to create a visual that met their needs too.

Cauldrons & Cocktails | Logo Design

FPM3 was extremely proud to design the logo for the Cauldrons & Cocktails mum show, presented by the Rotary Club of Hamilton to help support children's charities. The Rotary Club of Hamilton is a busy organization, actively contributing to their community and encourages businesses to network with other locals and grow new working relationships. See more about their organization at rotaryclubhamilton.ca.

ProQuip Park N' Charge | Logo Design

For those of you who don’t know how park and charge works, it’s fairly simple - it is a recharging station that runs 100% on solar power and is equipped with three-pronged plugs, plus USB ports for charging. In putting this concept into effect, municipalities are able to reduce their carbon footprint and are given the opportunity to save money by putting solar power to work. We really hit the nail on the solar panel when we came up with this brilliant idea for a logo - we were able to convey what Park N’ Charge does in a simple, yet effective graphic.

ProQuip PowerZone | Logo Design

ProQuip PowerZone™  provides solar powered off-grid lighting solutions that are designed for use in a wide variety of applications, requiring powerful illumination for commercial, industrial, and institutional properties. We were entrusted with creating a logo that conveyed all this and more, a logo that could light up the lives of people who had long, cold and sunless days ahead of them. ProQuip had nothing to fear, we were able to collaboratively come up with a logo that demonstrated ProQuips’ brilliance when it comes to solar panel technology.r panel technology.

City Of Hamilton | Kids Play Free Campaign

Hamilton is a beautiful City that offers many recreational trails encouraging hikers, cyclists, rollerbladers, and nature lovers to enjoy the natural landscapes of the escarpment and valleys. The City of Hamilton wanted to inspire Hamiltonians to get out of their homes and “Go Outside and Play.” We were able to help that idea blossom into something much more meaningful to The City of Hamilton and create a campaign that highlights all of Hamilton’s best locations to enjoy the sun!

City Of Hamilton | Parks Hamilton Logo Redesign

The City Of Hamilton boasts over 3480 acres of municipally-owned parkland at 394 locations,  50 shared School Board parks and over 49 kilometres of city owned trails. Ok well, there are a lot more numbers so let us break it down for you. Hamilton is a beautiful city with ample amount of nature to be explored, so the City of Hamilton needed to encourage people of all ages to get out there and enjoy it! We put our heads together and made a beautiful logo that gives our wonderful city the attention it deserves.

Cancer Assistance Program | Poster Design for Fire & Ice Gala

A wonderful cause and a wonderful event surely deserves an even more wonderful promotional poster, and that is exactly what we gave the Cancer Assistance Program for their Annual Gala. We created a dreamy, northern lights inspired promo-poster to fit the theme of the “Dream Beyond the Stars” event. This print is so detailed and realistic that if you focus your eyes on it enough you would think you were staring at the northern lights for real!

Reuter Benefits | Logo Design

Reuter Benefits is an insurance company located in Cambridge, Ontario.
Are you looking for an insurance ? Reuter Benefits offers Insurance for Companies and Individual persons.

Visit Reuter Benefits website to get a quote and see all the insurances this company offers.

ProQuip | Logo Design

ProQuip is a company specializing in planning, manufacturing and maintaining lighting solutions for businesses big and small. Visit ProQuip website to get a free quote and learn more about the benefits of installing solar panels, solar LED, and many other lighting options.

Rotary Club of Hamilton | Calendar Cover

The Rotary Club of Hamilton is a busy organization, actively contributing to their community and encourages businesses to network with other locals and grow new working relationships. This calendar in particular was being developed for all Rotary members to profile the past year of events. See more about their organization at rotaryclubhamilton.ca.

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