Picture Your Future Tour 2014

by: Adam

At the beginning of the tour, the FPM3 marketeers were in Thunder Bay for a couple of days, so April and Sarah decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and explore the city. They started at the University, which was beautiful and animated, then decided to make their way to the centre of town. Right as they were in the middle of a lively conversation, they came across a small, funky looking store.

This store didn’t have any proper signage on the front or a display to try and lure them in. Instead, they were actually pulled in by the store’s intriguing name: “Wojo’s Mojo”. As the girls walked in, they were immediately greeted by the smell of incense and their eyes were drawn to a variety of clothing including Native-inspired t-shirts, homemade scarves, and playful baby wear. Wojo’s also offered a variety of holistic products, designed to bring the customer closer to their body, for a natural and more balanced lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.16.34 PM

After speaking with the store owner named Vanessa, they learned that she opened this store as a way of healing with a loss of a close family friend. She found restoration in selling natural healing products and vowed to assist others in their own holistic journey.

Overall, April and Sarah found that Thunder Bay had a lot of holistic and natural healing stores in the downtown region, although they couldn’t really figure out why. It actually wasn’t until they were leaving the city and stopped at the Sleeping Giant look-out, that they realized why these kinds of businesses thrive – the presence of every day nature. Looking out onto the national park, all four of our marketeers felt such peace and serenity, in both their surroundings and themselves.

Those who live close to water and forest want to spend their money on becoming closer to their natural surroundings. Store owners, like Vanessa, have come to realize this and we’re glad that she continues to thrive in such a competitive town.

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