Picture Your Future Tour at Algonquin College

by: Adam

With so many choices of what to be and how to get there, it’s no wonder choosing College is no easy task! Luckily Ontario Colleges and FPM3’s Picture Your Future Tour have teamed up make it easier by helping students visualize what it’s like to be in their dream job after their college experience.

Last Thursday, our #PictureYourFutureTour team visited Algonquin College where they helped some 330 students from the area check out the vast amount of choices they have at the Pembroke Campus.

It’s easy to think dream what you want to be – but to experience it is even bigger! We bring a team of excited, enthusiastic creatives out on the road with a green screen, costumes, props and cameras to help students see what it’s like to be what they want to be whether it’s a Firefighter, a Boardroom Executive, a Welder, or a Child and Youth Worker.

Coupled with the College Information Program Tour, the Picture Your Future Tour gives students a fun way to explore their career options and learn more about the different paths they can take to get there. At FPM3 we love to help make dreams a reality at the Picture Your Future Tour.

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