Picture Your Future Tour - Week One Recap

by: Adam

(Photos and Content by Lucas Johnson for the Ontario Colleges Picture Your Future Tour)


And so comes an end to week one. Our brave and tenacious crew ventured far into the beautiful North West of Ontario alongside the Ontario Colleges tour. For the first leg, the weather was a little rough at first but similarly to high school going into college, there was light at the end of the tunnel for our faithful crew.


Dryden was our first official stop and what a place to start! The staff and students had an amazingly upbeat attitude and were incredibly welcoming. This first show was also accompanied by the tour’s alumni, none other than Adrian the video guru.

fpm3-1 With day one in the books, we headed to the border town of beautiful Fort Frances. I just gotta say, we were spellbound by the level of hospitality we were blessed with by both the students and staff. Oh and double thank you for the amazing dessert after; oreo cheesecake, ’nuff said!

The tour then headed to Atikokan, the smallest community on our tour. Small perhaps, but certainly not a small amount of enthusiasm and hutzpah. We were also blessed to be taken care of by Atikokan High School and custodian of establishment, the effervescent Hazel who made sure we felt right at home.

From there the tour will take us back home but not before being treated to the amazing views along Lake superior, including an amazing beach sunset and amazing starry night views displaying the breathtaking night sky in all its glory whilst the waves crash along the Lake Superior shore.







That takes us to right now, with us in the van at 10am headed back to our home base for a little R&R before setting off on our next journey. All in all week one was a stellar beginning to what promises to be even more amazing weeks to come.