Plus Size Facebook Ads

by: FPM3

Facebook has certainly run into their fair share of controversy, but somehow keep finding a way to make us feel worse about ourselves. Controversy has struck over the last couple days over a Facebook ad featuring Tess Holliday in a bikini. Cherchez La Femme designed a Facebook campaign that aimed to help promote confidence and positive body image among young women.

So of course, when the campaign advert was denied to be launched due to “depicting a body in an undesirable manner,” the company was quick to lash out at Facebook for deterring their efforts for trying to promote a positive body image.

Facebook expressed that they do not allow images such as these to be displayed because “they make people feel bad about themselves.” I disagree as I believe it’s the exact opposite because featuring someone who is real in your ads makes people feel comfortable in their own skin.

We are bombarded with magazines, ads and billboards every day that tell us “real” isn’t okay, and that if you’re bigger than the rest, you aren’t good enough when that simply isn’t true. Cherchez La Femme wants their customers to feel good and sees someone who may have a similar body type to theirs, so why not feel confident about the skin you’re in? A great example would be model Ashley Graham, who e is such an inspiration for women everywhere as she takes the fashion industry by storm.

Although this was an enormous error on Facebook’s part, they did apologize by stating they have now approved the ad and apologized for any offense that it may have caused to users and Cherchez La Femme.

Check out the Facebook message that Facebook sent to Cherchez La Femme.