Pokemon GO Means Mobile Matters

by: Adam

You might have heard about Pokemon GO’s world domination – but you might have been even more surprised to see it firsthand. This week, Nintendo released mobile app Pokemon GO to five countries: United States, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Germany. Notice how Canada isn’t on there? It hasn’t even been released in this country yet and this game already has people on their mobile devices everywhere trying to “catch ‘em all”!

This afternoon, I took a walk to Gore Park here in downtown Hamilton and saw for myself how a mobile application can take this city by storm – even when it hasn’t even been released to this country yet! Everywhere in the park there were business people in suits and ties, bikers with leather jackets, teenagers on skateboards – and everyone was playing this game! I didn’t even have to ask either – I just knew they were there to catch as many pocketmonsters as they could.

That being said, it’s clear that mobile matters. Everyone had their hands on this game and wanted to play it. Everyone had their mobile devices in hand, accessing a fun application, and feeding into the hands of Nintendo. If this many users heard of the game and used their mobile devices to access it – can you imagine how many would prefer to access mobile responsive websites?

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it won’t show up in the mobile SEO rankings. That means all these people playing Pokemon GO who might want to access your site won’t even be able to see it in Google! The amount of traffic your site could be missing out on means missed opportunities for sales, attracting new customers, or showcasing your company.

Remember, a mobile-friendly site is one that can be found on mobile. Make sure your website is mobile responsive and reap the benefits of having users access your company from wherever they are! And if you’re wondering how many people really care about mobile – just remember all those people in Gore Park trying to play Pokemon GO.  If you’re looking for ways to better build or optimize your website, feel free to call us.  No obligation discussion on how we can help.