ProQuip saves the day and a birthday!

by: Adam

ProQuip Park N ChargeMy agency (FPM3) has sponsored a community Park ( in Hamilton for the past 3 years and in June 2015, we had an Extreme Park Makeover where the City of Hamilton, FPM3 and my partners ProQuip International ( came up with a way to make this cute park completely green.

The planning began with what would the park have updated.  We decided to replace the playground covering from stones to woodchips.  Gave the basketball court some new nets and backdrops, paved a path, put in trees throughout the park, installed a theatre backdrop…and get ready.  Put up a Solar Powered Tower from ProQuip PowerZone products called “Park N Charge”.  This amazing tower uses the sun to power a battery pack that offers an outlet in the park with USB and regular AC plugs.   Meaning, you can charge your mobile device, run a sound system or have a movie in the park!

The past day (July 2015) before the weekend I am informed that the Park N Charge tower was vandalized and further they took the batteries out of the tower.  These batteries are only good for this product as it’s custom made in Canada, and I can’t believe that they took 140lbs of paperweight.   Sad that this happened, but I’m more excited to share we learn from our mistakes and put in new batteries and further locked it down a little tighter so the community can feel comfortable that they’ll have their power source there.

I’m super excited about the community embracing the newly renovated park, but even more thrilled that the birthday party that was scheduled wasn’t cancelled and the kids will get to enjoy the park complete with a clean way to offer power for their entertainment.

Thank you to ProQuip and The City of Hamilton for repairing and getting the park back to being green and clean!