Protecting Your Online Investment

by: Adam

Just as anyone would change the oil in their car, have the brakes inspected, and engine routinely checked, it is imperative to maintain and protect your online investment. By not following a routine maintenance procedure for your online business portal, do expect for the unexpected – malicious malware, intrusive viruses and hackers.

Especially in this day in age, most consumers search for your business online, and for them to arrive at an offline, broken website means only one thing – lost business. No matter how secure one may think their website may be, there will always be external threats trying to hinder and jeopardize your online business presence. We at FPM3 would like to share with you the following steps to ensure you’re not the next victim.

Use long and complex passwords

Most passwords are bypassed through the process of elimination. Using complex passwords can make such attacks more difficult. Remember to use a variety of characters, from numbers, letters, to special characters (i.e. #, %,@)

Always update WordPress and plugins whenever possible

If you aren’t running the very latest version of WordPress, then you are likely running a version with multiple known vulnerabilities – bugs that hackers can use to gain a foothold on your system. WordPress does a great job at fixing security vulnerabilities with each new software update, so it’s important that your site keep up with them. You should do the same with any plugin or widget you install on your site.

Scan your computer and other devices accessing the site for viruses

I’m not speaking about your everyday regular viruses, I’m talking about those that will crash your computer, steal your information, delete the pictures of your inventory – and cause your computer to be remotely controlled by a spammer.

All of this might seem a little overwhelming and frightening, which is why it’s important to contact us at FPM3 so we can ensure your online website is safe with routine maintenance checks.