QR Code Campaign, Done Wrong.

by: Adam

You can find them everywhere.  On the back of your wine bottle, on the ad on the bus shelter, or on the back of your taco wrapper – QR codes are an excellent tool to attach to an ad or product.  QR or Quick Response codes give you a chance to catch your customers attention and take them directly to your website instantly.  Once there, a campaign or contest can be presented to your customer effortlessly.  But when I finished my taco and scanned the QR on the back of the wrapper I was taken to a website that’s not suitable for a mobile browser.  How stupid is that?  I can only scan with a mobile browser; I don’t often carry my desktop around with me.

I’m not talking about a small time company here, and I want to make the point that even the big guys make crucial errors.  Given all the money they have and the marketing and advertising teams at their disposal, they got caught up in a fad and didn’t execute their campaign correctly.  The QR code took me to a customer feedback page.  Want some feedback? Your feedback page doesn’t fit my mobile screen.  Want some advice? Go to a marketing company that knows how to make sure your campaigns are set up correctly.  I think I know one…