RIP Adobe Flash

by: Adam

Steve Jobs had forecasted that flash was going to end and that it wasn’t a part of our internet experience way back in 2010. In fact, he was instrumental in ensuring that Adobe Flash would not succeed with the launch of the iPad and the iPhone.

What’s interesting is that Steve Jobs felt that flash was too complex and he was more focused on simplifying how the user experience should be. As flash had many loopholes that offered the chance malware could be able to infiltrate the computer system. As Steve Jobs was very focused on making sure that users of his products could feel safe and secure from online predators, it was perfectly the right choice on his side to limit Adobe Flash from working on Apple systems.

As Adobe was quite the PowerHouse with its software and with flash being used on many websites. Many did not feel that flash would not be impacted by Steve Jobs arrogant ways of not wanting it within the internet world.

The year is 2016, and it appears that flash is officially as dead as Mr. Jobs is. The fact of the matter, Google Chrome announced that flash will no longer automatically play nor will it be supported. Including Firefox announcement that flash will now be halted and you will need to give it permissions to make it work. This pretty much ends any future of flash being used on desktop devices.

It’s unfortunate, as flash gave a lot of opportunities to build and develop some interesting interactive ways that users could play games, watch video, and interact with the website. As we try to streamline and make websites easier to use, HTML5 the common code for mobile and desktop. It’s fast it’s simple, and simple is exactly what it is. As an example you can’t use Alpha Channel effectively with HTML5. Alpha channel is where you remove the backdrop and play video easily. A few other limitations with in HTML5, however, it is mainstream which means it will work on all devices. It was necessary as there needed to be a common groundwork websites are developed and help people can interact easily with each other.

Well done Mr. Jobs. You have managed even in your death to achieve a goal that you were not even necessarily needed on the earth to do.  RIP… Adobe Flash

Adam Oldfield
FPM3 | FPM Marketing