Road Trip In USA

Last week was our Shutdown week, so I decided to do something exciting by traveling in the USA.
When you think about the United States, you imagine New-York, Los Angeles, and of course Las Vegas which are the major cities! So in my mind I had to visit at least two of theses cities.
I arrived this past Saturday in Los Angeles which is a very nice city when you see the Hollywood sign or Hollywood Boulevard with all the stars of famous celebrities. However, it seemed to be terrible to live in this city, it’s very huge, people are rude and it’s very expensive!  So I decided to go in San Diego and I didn’t regret it. San Diego is a very good city, similar to Los Angeles in many points but without the negative aspects. If you like going to the beach, bars or night clubs you have to go in this city!

Then, I wanted to see something special, the Grand Canyon! When you see pictures of this place it seems to be a nice place, but it’s definitely not the same when you see it in real life. It’s in the middle of desert but it appears that a lot of trees and plants have grown around this canyon which is beautiful. However, something shocked me, did you know that you have to pay to see the Grand Canyon? Pay to see a natural spot is in kind of weird.
My next step was Antelope Canyon, an other canyon close to the Grand Canyon. This place is totally different than the first one, indeed, this canyon is not visible from outside because it’s underground. Here again I had to pay, but it’s more logical because there was a tour guide and because it’s dangerous if you go by yourself (which is actually forbidden). If you travel in the USA you have to go to this place, it’s one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life.

Well, if you didn’t notice yet, my next and final step has been Las Vegas, the city which never sleeps. I was there during the Independence Day (July 4th) and it was amazing. During one hour there were fireworks all over the city at many different spots. Such as canadian people, american are very proud of their country, everyone has an American flag or Tee-shirt, which is definitely not the same in France.

I was a little bit shocked about this city, counter to California which is a very strict state, this city appears to have no rules: you can smoke in every public place (casino, bars, nightclub), everything is open during the night, even when some night clubs are close you can go in other ones which are open until 8am. Don’t think your night is over at 8am, like I said, everything is still open. So after a good night why not go to a casino? Maybe it was a mistake because I lost everything this day but if you don’t play casino in Las Vegas where else would you play? So after two nights in Las Vegas it was time to go back in Canada!

My Advices if you want to make a road-trip in the USA you have to go in Los Angeles just to visit one day, visit the other cities in California (San Diego, San Francisco), go to Grand Canyon/Antelope Canyon and Las Vegas. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to other places because the USA are a huge country, and with only one week it’s really hard to visit more than I did. I imagine that I only visited 1% of this country!

Grand Canyon Hollywood sign Antelope

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