Sales - critical to any business

by: Adam

Well it’s official.  I will be once again be teaching at Mohawk College in 2016 to second year radio student’s,  sales and marketing. I have had the luxury of teaching this course for a few years now and managed to keep in touch with a few students from my past classes that have successfully manage to get jobs in the media field but also with students who have managed to achieve success through employment in other fields of work. It makes me proud and truly I do enjoy the position of teaching at Mohawk College the art of sales as I love seeing the students succeed by using these sales skills in both their professional and personal life.

One example is Ruby, who was a student in my class a few years back where I recently received a lovely thank you card from her. Ruby is working for the Flight Center out of Guelph Ontario and acts as an international travel consultant. I’m so impressed and happy she is employed but even more so that she’s using her sales skills that she learned from Mohawk College to connect with people that could be potential clients. In this case she connected with me. Of course in my next travel excursions I will give Ruby the opportunity to book my flight details.

I share this for a couple of reasons. I believe the art of sales and teaching it has been somewhat lost. I am very happy that Mohawk College sees value in offering my course that teaches sales that encompasses media but also relates to all factors of businesses. Without sales there is no business. Sales is food for private sector to succeed and grow by making profit. I am encouraged by how many young people make sales their career choice and of course it can be extremely rewarding when it comes to making an income. I don’t feel there is enough encouragement for people to see the sales opportunities and even more so, programs that teach the sales skill set.

As you can see Canada Post still has a purpose and a handwritten note goes a long way.  Much more impact than a simple Facebook message or an email. The handwritten note (remember, cursive is lost in schools these days) is a staple of thought to get the buyers attention.

Anyone that owns a business or is an entrepreneur that has the opportunity to teach the art of sales please continue to do so. I highly respect anyone in any sales position and even though I say NO many times each day.  There isn’t a time that I do not appreciate the person on the other end working hard to find out if their services or products are something that I need and how they can better assist providing me with a solution.

And if you need a travel consultant I highly encourage you to give Ruby a phone call.

Adam Oldfield thank you note

My Thank you Note from my Student at Mohawk