Samsung knocks out Apple - Facebook Style!

by: Adam

So normally, we all work within our respective companies and our competitors do the same. We don’t advertise our competitors, naming names, pointing at them, as that would be rude like your mother told you. These days, the big elephant in the room isn’t staying in the room much longer and is out in the open for everyone to see and hear; sure we all know internally who our competitors are and have a good idea of who they are but to publicly point them out, labeling them – that’s a whole different story. This practice isn’t entirely new with larger corporations, such as Coke and Pepsi, or BMW and Audi but the latest two would be of course Samsung and Apple [see what I did there, I put my favourite company first when I mentioned them ;)].

So on Samsung’s Facebook group [USA Version] in the last 24 hours an image went viral that they put out labeled “It doesn’t take a genius” which you can see here even if you aren’t a member of the page – Samsung Mobile USA – Genius and of course the modded version here which goes into further details of the specifications of the actual phones – Samsung Mobile USA – Genius Extended – Now mind you, this picture has already been liked over 50,000 times and shared nearly 2,000 times across users profiles all within 24 hours and it will continue to grow as people see it, Samsung fanatics, iPhone supporters, and people on the fence on which phone to get or stick with what they have.

I’ve also included the images in this post for your viewing pleasure, personally I like that companies are much more open about their competition as it gives awareness to what both companies are offering side-by-side and yes as always you should do your own research, determine your own needs, before you decide what phone, car, or even drink you’re going to have…don’t be a sheep!