Skills Canada Event: The Green Screen Game!

by: Adam

FPM3 attended the Skills Canada event in Waterloo for OCAS from May 6th-7th. OCAS came to us with the idea of picturing high school students in a skilled trade and handing them a free picture with a QR code as a souvenir to remind them of how they’ll look working in their desired trade.

FPM3 developed the picture-taking-qr-code-generating software for the event, with the ability to take a picture of someone in front of a green screen, remove the green screen, apply the image to a chosen background image, generate a QR code, slap it all together, and finish with a high resolution print, all under 2 minutes. We then use Adobe After Effects software to remove the green screen and re-size the picture before setting the background chosen (i.e. firefighter, police, paramedic, landscaper, fashion model, etc.). Finally, we send the picture to the printer. Since the pictures feature a custom generated QR code, students have access to their pictures online and can share the pictures as they wish.

Check out our Picture Yourself in a Skilled Trade booth at the Skills Canada event to see how it works: