by: Adam


It’s coming to a point when most of our smartphones are reaching a capacity of which provide the most speed and the most features with security. But have we really maximized what we can actually do with our future smartphones?

The fact of the matter is smartphones are mini-computers and packed full of features that demand a lot of battery power. In the recent months you might of heard that Samsung phones, and other products, have been exploding due to battery issues. It became such a massive problem with the Note 7 that it is now a law that you are not allowed to bring it on any public transportation in the United States, Canada or on any airline in the world. And doing so will result in fines of over $500,000 USD. Unfortunately Samsung isn’t the only one that has had battery exploding issues. There were 3 cases of battery exploding with the new iPhone 7 since September 2016.  I think we all have heard enough about exploding smartphone batteries, what I wanted to share with you all is what features do we actually need and would be critical of what we use in our daily lives and business with our smartphones?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m disappointed about the Note 7 being removed from the market. I was very excited when it first came out and was ready to purchase it immediately. You may not know this, but some of the features on this phone would’ve truly set Samsung ahead of the smartphone market. It was proven as of January 20, 2017 that the issue was the SIZE of the phone battery for it’s issues.  If you wanted to go as far as conspiracy theory, I would actually think the other competitors were concerned about it and somehow had some foul play in this.   Let explain, for starters the phone had a retinal scanner. Almost impossible to duplicate, and replicate. You would lift up, look into the lense and it would instantly unlock. As much as I love the fingerprint scanner it becomes a bit of a burden if I didn’t use the right finger.

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It was also waterproof up to 1.5 meters and could withstand water for 30 minutes. It had a dual SIM feature allowing you to have a Canadian and American SIM card.

The stylus for the Note 7 and again this is a personal opinion is one of the best. What I find interesting is that unfortunately we will never have the opportunity to experience how the Note 7 was capable of changing the business smartphone world. There is hope that they will come out with Note 8 that will be even more advanced. However, I truly believe we might be at a point where we have exceeded the capabilities of our smartphones hardware to power what we need to handle the demands of today.

It was claimed a few years back that we would be using smartphones more than we use desktops. For a fact this is the reality. We find that we use our smartphones for everyday use and we can expect to see the technology advancing even more to the point where we can be wearing nano chips to make calls and wear contact lenses to watch movies or to connect with the internet.  We can see this with the new invention of Snapchat glasses and the once laughed at Google Glass that didn’t last long it the market about 2 years ago.

We as consumers have finally got to the point that we can accept Virtual Reality and are going to integrate it into our lives. In fact with the game, Pokemon this launched Augmented Reality taking off and being a phenomenon in days!  What’s interesting is this technology has been around since 2012 and is only starting to be accepted by everyone.  It makes sense, when you think about it.   5 years ago, the 20 year old is now 25.  Meaning they loved it when it was here, but are now wanting to integrate it into their lives more than society did in 2012.

The next 5 years are going to be very interesting. With mobile payments, augmented reality, virtual reality and of course artificial intelligence all working with smartphones that are truly minicomputers we can anticipate that there will be many more updates to allow us to merge and connect with our devices, the internet and with each other. The challenge is going to be and continues to be with the demands of our smartphones hardware being able to power the functions we want.  If there is a company that can solve the never ending battery life will be the richest in the world!


Adam Oldfield
President / CEO
FPM Marketing & Design | FPM3
Host on Tech Talk – AM 900 CHML