Snapchat - Does it Work for Every Brand?

by: FPM3

Funny filters and emojis aside, is there a real use for Snapchat as a social platform for brands to use? I believe so, and so does content creator of Vibes; Julz Goddard. The one mistake she believes many brands are making nowadays is relying on commercial space rather than focusing their attention on a platform like Snapchat. But why are brands overlooking the potential of a FREE platform that directly has the potential to connect with 100’s of thousands of people on the daily?

Why don’t we just look at the facts and compare the two? Chances are, people are not always sitting at home in their pj’s watching TV and watching commercials. In fact, if you are trying to appeal to a younger generation, your commerical may be the background noise while they are on their phone checking their Snapchat. True story. Explain to me how content creators are getting up to millions of views on their Snapchat a day, while commercials aren’t even getting half of that?

Furthermore, brands that are relying heavily on commercial space to advertise are not making a personal connection with their audience, whereas on Snapchat, you have 100% of the viewer’s engagement, which is rare to find on any other media or social platform.

The key with Snapchat is to find your voice; whether you are funny, informative or inspirational to your viewers, it doesn’t matter, your personality shines through your brand and I think that is what people expect. People want to feel like they are there with you backstage at the concert meeting the band, travelling with you on that long journey, or eating with you in that fabulous restaurant!

So to answer the question I asked at the beginning of this post, “Does Snapchat work for every brand?” Maybe not, but you have to be willing to take advantage of this free platform and create a voice that will speak not only for your brand, but for the people who use your product. For example, if you use a toothpaste brand like Colgate, you can demonstrate how one can maintain a healthy set of pearly whites. This can be great for parents who are teaching their kids how to maintain their dental hygiene. It’s an unconventional example, but nonetheless demonstrates how Snapchat can be useful to a brand.

In a world where at times we can feel like we are disconnected, let us connect with people from around the world with Snapchat – and of course the filters are fun, as you can see, we had our fun with them! Make your brand stand out – not blend in with the rest.

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