Social Media - Friend or Foe

by: Adam

My very good friend the other day called me to share with me both a funny story….and yet a very disturbing ending.    Let me start with the story.   My friend is a bigger guy and has been loosing a lot of weight in the past few months.   He goes to the movies with his friend and one person goes in line while he gets the food.   He piles up with popcorn, pop for the two of them and his hands are completely full.   He then walks back to the line up and realizes his pants are coming down.   Of course, he had no where to put down his food/drinks and finally the pants had fallen off.   In polka-dot boxers in front of a huge crowd he’s finally approached by a 40 year old guy who offers him a helping hand.

The man says, “Can I help you?”
My Friend “Sure, that would be great!”
The man “What do you want me to grab?”
My friend “We’ll start with the drinks”

As my friend pulls up his pants, a teenage  kid comes up to him and says, “Hey, give me $20 or this goes on YouTube in the next 5 min”

The 40 year old guy grabs the phone and tells the kid to back down.   He then tells my friend to follow him, and the guy then says “Give me $200 and I’ll delete it or I’ll be the one sending it online!”

My friend isn’t very well versed in Social Media, nor in the tech world but more so didn’t want to fight with the guy or the kid.  He gives the guy $200, and takes the phone.   Then he goes to the kid and says…look I don’t trust that you’ll delete this.  I’ll just buy you a new phone, but I’m keeping this.

Long story short…$60 for the movies.   $500 for the pay off to keep an embarrassing moment from going viral and him being the laughing stock of the day on Youtube’s most watched.   I agree, the story started off funny…but this is the world we now live in.  Money for keeping your embarrassing moment protected.  Even more sad, is the fact that the guy started to help then worked the blackmail angle.

God help us in this day of age of social media.  Is it a friend or foe?