Episode #59 – Friday April 26, 2019 – Amazons listening, Tesla taxi, Facebook Fines

#techtalk on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield TODAY 11:35am. Amazon Alexa is listening, Tesla is now offering Robo-Taxi, Facebook gets over 5Billion in fines and more..Sponsored by www.hamiltonlimo.com and www.vacuman.com #900CHML, #fpm3.  

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Episode #58 – Thursday April 18, 2019 – Facebook breach, Hotel datashare, Caddy selfdriving

TechTalk on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield. Today we discussed, how your personal information is getting lost through hotels, the 1.5 million username and passwords lost by Facebook, the new semi-autonomous highway features in Cadilac’s that are coming to Canada, and more! Sponsored by www.hamiltonlimo.com and www.vacuman.com #900CHML #fpm3 Listen Now!

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Episode #32 Tech Talk – Friday, January 26th, 2018. Bitcoin facts, Airbags For Your Waist, VR for Team USA, New privacy Browsers, Home Trash Compactor and more…

Listen to Adam Oldfield on the Bill Kelly Show AM900 CHML on Friday at 11:35 am or on his Facebook page LIVE! BITCOIN, Even though it’s dropped to less than $11,000 in the past week Bitcoin continues to be used as a resource for people selling their home. You can now purchase a 5250-acre property […]

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Episode #28 – Friday December 8th, 2018 – Tech Talk Olympics Facial Recognition, Phone Case Ring Proposal, Stronger Wifi Signal with Extended Antenna,

Listen to Adam Oldfield on 900 CHML on the Bill Kelly Show at 11:35 am Friday!  Olympics facial recognition, Intel Bug, Propose with this new iPhone case. We talked about the internet of things and there is a new device that is available called Akita Instant Privacy. You plug it in, connect to your router […]

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Episode #16 – Tech Talk -Mosquito Away Technology, Deltas Unlimited Text Messaging, GPS Upgrade Pixel Phones New Features and more..

As Google makes a living on Advertising. It’s interesting that they now will let you report adds that know too much about you.  If you click this option, you’re confirming to Google that the ad was absolutely on point and to not only continue to serve ads similar to this but to validate the data […]

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Episode #14 – iPhone 8 with X Features, Number 2 Smartphone on the Market, Conductive Paint and more…

Listen to Adam Oldfield on 900 CHML on Fridays at 11:35 a.m. for the latest tech! Here is the line up for todays show! Should you or should you NOT charge your battery to 100%???? I’ll advise to which is the right choice for your phone, tablet! iPHONE 8 / X * Mixed reviews on […]

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Tech Talk – Friday, August 25, 2017- DIY Prosthetic Limbs, Ubercrate, Worlds Fastest Train, Cement Watch and more…

August 25, 2017 Happy Internaut Day! Aug 23 was the first day the internet came online. www world wide web. NOTE 8 – the MOST amazing phone on the market. I’ve highlighted the amazing features, we all want…well those in business anyways MY TOP 8 reasons the Samsung NOTE 8 rocks. 1. Super crisp 4k […]

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Friday, August 18, 2017 – Android Oreo, Zinc-Air Batteries, Microchips, Edible or Biodegradable Wafer Coffee Cups, Google Pays 3 Million to Apple

What happens when Internet of Things does an update and software doesn’t make it better but actually disables it? This is the case with the Lock Lockstate Company. The software update actually disabled one of their models and now it will take between 5 to 18 days for it to be repaired. The good news […]

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Tech Talk – Friday, July 28, 2017 – Pocket Sized Air-Purifier and more…

Fridays at 11:35 am on 900 CHML is Adam Oldfield on Tech Talk. Check out the line up for topics of discussion this Friday: India will not allow for driverless cars. This was announced that the government is going to hold off for the autonomous driving approval. http://mashable.com/2017/07/25/india-self-driving-car-ban/#dxxOisi56sqM There’s been a lot of pushback from […]

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