EPISODE #70 – FRIDAY Aug 23, 2019 | Bluetooth danger

by: FPM3

#techtalk on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield TOMORROW 11:35am Apples got issues with all devices, Bluetooth is a hackers dream, drones with facial recognition for cows? …this and more.   Sponsored by www.vacuman.com  #900CHML,  #fpm3 #ductcleaning #applehack #bluetoothisdangerous <

Apple Announces iPhone 7

Apple Announces iPhone 7

by: Adam

Get ready iPhone users – the iPhone just got a new upgrade…Or did it? Yesterday, Apple made their highly anticipated Keynote live from San Francisco where they showed off advancements in software collaboration, the Apple Watch 2, and the long awaited iPhone 7. As a long-time Android user, I really looked forward to this Keynote as I have been gearing up for a big change in my life: to go from Android to Apple. Before you get your knickers in a knot, as much as I’ve enjoyed my Android, I’ve felt this change coming for a while. My laptop is a Macbook Pro, I’m an avid user of Apple TV, and my workstation here at FPM3 is an amazing 27” iMac. I love my Apple, but for some reason I could never justify the price of the glorified iPhone. I thought with the release of the iPhone 7, I would…

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