Episode #21 - Tech Talk - Friday, November 3, 2017 - Social Headphones, GardenSpace, Commuter Trucker Tech Jacket and more...

by: Adam

Episode 21 – Smart Gear, Recycled Phones and more… GardenSpace – Is going to turn anyone into a green thumb expert. This little device goes into your garden it knows what you’ve planted and exactly how much water based on that crop it needs, taking out all the guesswork. You run your top into this device then hook up your app link it through WiFi and you’ll be able to see as well the progress of your plants and how they grow, giving you the feeling that you’re actually doing a green thumb act. http://mashable.com/2017/11/02/gardenspace-solar-power-camera-watering-device-plants/#rnngS8Sa1iqb Grammarly — The famous software that helps you correct your grammar in your emails on the desktop is now available on iPhone. Yes, this amazing new app software will correct all your emails you type allowing for those typos to be resolved before sending off. You can update and add this to your iPhone immediately….

BlackBerry Explosion

by: Adam

Have you ever noticed that at least once a year someone’s mobile device “explodes”? (Or at least they say it did.) Well the situation has come up once again just to keep the tales going. As this story goes, a BlackBerry Curve 9320 exploded after being unplugged. Kian McCreath, an 11-year old boy in the UK had just removed his phone from its charger before setting it on his bed. The phone then exploded, bursting into flames setting his bed on fire. 11-year old Kian was rushed to University Hospital Coventry with burns on his legs after having plastic burn to his skin. The parents of this young boy are demanding that RIM issue a recall on the device.    The demanded recall, I believe is extremely unnecessary although it is understandable for the parents to desire such a thing. I would also hope that if a product exploded and…

Blackberry Remains the choice at FPM3

by: Adam

It’s been a hard decision, but I’m sticking to Blackberry for the time being for our office.  I am putting it on probation as the general direction in the office is that Android is getting warm and welcoming reviews from the accounts staff.    I guess as the President I have the final say on our “equipment” however the reasons for why we should change are actually quite complelling and I have to say are even convincing to me. I was the Palm Pilot original advocate.  I stuck with Palm right up until Handspring was acquired again by them.   Then I moved to Blackberry.  I was glad that I did, however now I’m seeing the mobile future and Blackberry is slowly keeping up.   There is so many areas of improvement that need to be done, but more to their disadvantage is that the world isn’t wanting to work with them…

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