Tech Talk - Friday, August 3rd, 2017

by: Adam

It is  Friday again with awesome Tech topics with Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly on 900 CHML!!! Facebook has a smart speaker that is a little bit creepier than what we’re used to. A 13-inch screen and the ability to use it as a video phone. It also keeps the surveillance on your house knowing when people are walking around. Haya – the gadget that allows you to control your entire home.  Think of the movie Minority Report – in that you move your fingers in the air, touch the arm of your couch and you can now control all your smart devices.   Turn up the volume on your stereo, turn off the lights, turn on Netflix on the TV.   All this by making a 3D image that creates a radio/sonar wave that allows you and guests to control the house. Bi-Laws – we love them.  All cities…

Friday, June 16, 2017 -Drones Deliver Defibrillators, Google Goggles that Let Blind Man See and CRTC Ruling on Unlocking Phones and much more

by: Adam

Listen to Adam Oldfield on the Bill Kelly Show today  and every Friday at 11:35 am on AM 900 CHML! Personal desk air conditioner that can fit in your office to keep you cool or use at the side of your bed in that bachelor apartment. New Google goggles that gave a blind man a second chance to visually see his wife on their anniversary. The first time he’s ever seen her in the 15 years they been married. CRTC ruling of unlocking phones at no cost after contract. I’ll go over some of the details on that and why it’s such a blow to the carriers and a windfall for the user. Charging Cars as You Drive. Qualcomm came up with the license for cars to be able to drive over the charging system that could allow for the cars to have smaller batteries and it would…

Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield - March 11, 2016

by: Adam

This week on Tech Talk on 900 CHML, the following topics will be discussed with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield: Skype is going to kill the smart TV app. They will no longer be going to work on development so any of the smart TVs will no longer allow for you to have the video conferencing feature. CLICK HERE: I’d like to go over a few things you may not know about what big brother is tracking about you through Google and through other social media sources: As an example, Google knows your age and gender – even if you never told them. They have comprehensive profiles of you including what interests you and can even edit what they know about you. Facebook knows when your relationship isn’t going well. Based on your activities and status updates the company can actually predict with almost perfect accuracy whether or not…

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