Facebook Security – update August 2017

Facebook has a new security feature that allows for you to have 3-5 friends help you access your account.  This is very handy in the case you lost your password OR you got hacked.  Just remember to pick 3 – 5 true friends!   I would suggest that you might select a family member. See […]

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Tech Talk -Friday, March 3, 2017 -FPM 14th Birthday, Travel and Privacy, Social Media Posts Monitored, Netflix, Gmail Meg Increase, AT&T Highspeed

Happy Birthday 14 years old for FPM Marketing – Shout out to the office and staff in Canada and the USA. USA – law coming into effect that could change everything about travel and privacy. – a new law in the USA to be passed will now allow them to ask for your, passport, phone […]

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Opportunity or Lesson on Trust?

14 years ago, a student at Harvard invited 5 people over to his dorm room to discuss a business opportunity. Only 2 of the 5 people showed up. Today those 2 people are Billionaires: Dustin Moskovitz $9.9 Billion and Eduardo Saverin $5.8 Billion. And the guy they met that night? Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, whose […]

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The Internet: a World Wild Jungle!

Hi there! Today, let me share with you a little bit of the dangers of the Internet. A couple months ago, a friend of mine told me he was not really concerned about her 16 year old daughter surfing on the internet and being connected on several social media accounts. According to him, it is […]

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Do You Smell Pizza?

When I first heard about the Pizza Hut fragrance I thought it was a joke. In fact, it did start out as a joke, too bad it didn’t end that way… When the Pizza Hut staff first brought up the idea, it was a joke to their fans on Facebook.  A simple question asking what […]

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Got Milk? It’s Movember at FPM3!

Adam and the gang are growing out their moustaches to support the Movember movement.  Started in 2003 by a couple of mates in Melbourne, Australia, Movember has emerged and established itself as legitimate charity.  It has raised a total of over $301 million (CAD).  Last year alone, it raised $125.7 million to support prostate cancer […]

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