Tech Talk - June 30, 2017 - Patch the Measures UV index, Deodorizing Hangers, Eye Tracking, Pizzas made by Robots, Token One Ring, Salesforce AI

by: Adam

Listen to Adam Oldfield on the Bill Kelly Show AM900 CHML every Friday at 11:35 am. Tune into Adams Facebook page to watch him live! Here are the exciting topics of discussion this week! L’oreal just launched a patch that goes on any part of your body and measures the UV index. Just scan the patch and it will tell you what the UV level is. It even will send a notice to your phone when it’s time to reapply your sunscreen. Panasonic just launched a deodorizing hanger that you can officially skip laundry day. It doesn’t officially clean your clothes but it does give you the ability to zap some freshness into it. For $180 it might be cheaper to just get your clothes dry-cleaned. Apple just purchased a company that can track your eyes. Senso motoric was purchased by Apple and one of the best features…

The "New" Google Maps

by: Adam

The enhanced Google Maps provides improved performance, richer 3D graphics, smoother transitions between imagery, 3D photo tours, 45° view rotation, easier access to Street View and more… so they say. I don’t see how it is any better.  It’s more photo oriented – in that it looks more like a traveler’s photo book rather than images from the street.  Also, the 3D view is bologna. If you type in a monument, such as the Arch of Constantine (it prompts you to during the tour of the 3D BETA), Maps will bring you down to ground level and gradually circle around the structure.  However, it’s not a very pleasant tour – it’s jerky, the background warps, and it is a mash of different photos in different lighting.  I wouldn’t consider it an improvement. Furthermore, if you visit the Statue of Liberty, there’s a bird in one of the slideshow photos.  It…

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