The Rise of Media on the Internet

by: Adam

The Internet has come a long way since it’s early beginnings. No longer exclusive to home computers or laptops, many of us carry the Internet along with us wherever we go through the use of our smartphones. Growth has felt quite rapid with changes to the flow of information being quite significant in the last decade. In the late 1990’s and heading into the new millennium, media was much more limited in scope online. Dial-up internet was the prominent source of Internet connection while faster alternatives where still in development and not freely available. To maximize accessibility, websites had to keep bandwidth requirements low; largely depending on text to get their message across. Visual media was used sparingly as photos increased load times and bandwidth usage. Due to the high bandwidth costs of streaming, videos where even less common. When used, videos where usually kept to only a few minutes…

The Internet: a World Wild Jungle!

by: Marc

Hi there! Today, let me share with you a little bit of the dangers of the Internet. A couple months ago, a friend of mine told me he was not really concerned about her 16 year old daughter surfing on the internet and being connected on several social media accounts. According to him, it is just a new teenager thing and I totally agree with that, however I do believe that we have to monitor the ‘young’ when they are on the internet. I am sure that many parents out there are already aware of that, but is it enough just to be aware? Having hundreds of ‘friends’ on Facebook when you are still a young teenager can become a serious issue. My friend’s daughter is constantly on the internet talking to people she barely knows, and letting the world know all about her life. Does she really know all…

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