Sweet Community Service with FPM3

by: Marc

Lifesavers Park has finally been adopted, by us!  The new, sweet little splash page will allow you to follow the latest news regarding our new green adventure. We will be doing our first clean up session this Thursday morning on June 6th. The park will then be ready for the summer, and welcoming many children and families who will enjoy spending some time there. Don’t forget to have a look at http://lifesaverpark.ca/ and check back for pictures, videos and blogs!  

We’re Adopting Lifesavers Park in Hamilton!

by: Adam

    Hi there! FPM3 is proud to announce that we will be adopting Lifesavers Park located in Hamilton, at the corner of Sanford Avenue and Cumberland Avenue. You will probably ask ‘what does it have to do with FPM3?’. Well, from now on, and for the next 3 years, FPM3 will be responsible for cleaning up the park four times a year starting this Spring 2013. Not only will it give the park a better look but it will also allow FPM3‘s staff to develop its team spirit outside the office. We are also deeply convinced that it is important that each of us participate, with the time and the resources we have, in improving our community and make our city a better place to live in.   More information regarding the upcoming cleanup, Facebook page, and website are about to come!

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