Why Commercials and Brands Are Important

by: Adam

Watching commercials is not only an enjoyable and instructive part of my entertainment, but also a dream job for the future. Commercials are part of advertising campaigns and for me, are works of art. It is creative work and like any other skill, deserves to be respected. It has evolved as part of the competition; and competition is all a part of being in business! It causes companies to come up with new products or services to better serve you, the end consumer. If you still can’t see the value in commercials, imagine yourself on a Caribbean island… but wait a second, not the paradise island you went to on your last vacation. No, imagine yourself trapped for 29 years on the same island, the real one, same heat but no beach around; just lots of work and no Fortino’s. Imagine yourself going out to buy some oatmeal, any kind,…

A Sweet Marketing Campaign Gone Viral

by: Marc

Today I just wanted to share with you a little bit about the latest French breaking news about a famous candy manufacturer, Carambar. Carambar is a well-known French brand selling caramel candies however the company is famous especially for the childish jokes that are printed on the wrapping paper. Let me tell you more about that recent story: On March 21st, the company announced it was to cease printing jokes and would instead provide lame or childish educational facts on the inside wrapper. That statement was a ‘shock’ for the population. A couple of hours later, thousands of people, including celebrities and even politicians, started to tweet about the announcement and by the end of the day, it was revealed to the whole country through the breaking news. Immediately, Carambar’s Facebook and Twitter pages had been filled with complaining comments from people who were really disappointed to no longer read…

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