Sales - critical to any business

by: Adam

Well it’s official.  I will be once again be teaching at Mohawk College in 2016 to second year radio student’s,  sales and marketing. I have had the luxury of teaching this course for a few years now and managed to keep in touch with a few students from my past classes that have successfully manage to get jobs in the media field but also with students who have managed to achieve success through employment in other fields of work. It makes me proud and truly I do enjoy the position of teaching at Mohawk College the art of sales as I love seeing the students succeed by using these sales skills in both their professional and personal life. One example is Ruby, who was a student in my class a few years back where I recently received a lovely thank you card from her. Ruby is working for the Flight…

Canada versus France – Part Deux

Canada versus France – Part Deux

by: Marc

I know, the first part of this blog has recently been published, but I noticed a lot of differences these days. – Yesterday I watched TV, nothing fancy you might tell me. But I was surprised to see every 5 to 10 minutes some advertising, you can’t see a movie or a TV show without seeing advertising. Yes there is TV advertising in France, of course, but only one per movie and TV show. I don’t think I could get used to this. – Communication is the biggest difference between France and Canada. How many people asked me “How are you ?” “Where are you from?” “Why are you here ?” “Are you a student?” in the bus or in the street whereas I didn’t know them. Why did they ask me that? Even in the shops when I order something to eat they ask me these questions. My roommate explained…

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