Tech Talk -Friday, March 3, 2017 -FPM 14th Birthday, Travel and Privacy, Social Media Posts Monitored, Netflix, Gmail Meg Increase, AT&T Highspeed

by: Adam

Happy Birthday 14 years old for FPM Marketing – Shout out to the office and staff in Canada and the USA. USA – law coming into effect that could change everything about travel and privacy. – a new law in the USA to be passed will now allow them to ask for your, passport, phone and PASSWORDS.  To unlock the phone AND your social media!  As Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has just testified in front of the House Homeland Security Committee that he wants this all travellers to the U.S. to hand over their unlocked electronic devices, as well as their social media passwords, to airport security as a matter of routine. It’s official! Canadian authorities can monitor social media posts from patrol cars. In Ottawa, Ottawa Police strategic operations center, OPSOC police are now set up for strategic operations that can assemble social media data including previous…

Tech Talk - Friday, February 3, 2017 - iPhone, Hewlett Packard recall, Netflix for Android users, Renting Cars and Digital Privacy, Netflix Android, Computers Hostage, Headband remote for movies

by: Adam

Watch Adam Oldfield on Facebook Live or Listen on AM900CHML at 11:35 am on the Bill Kelly Show for Tech Talk. If you missed it today check it out online CHML Audio Vault and scroll down to todays date and time! Record-breaking sales for iPhone. Apple overall blows all statistics away selling over 78 million phones, breaking Samsung’s record of holding the lead. Keep in mind Samsung had a bit of a crap year selling only 71 million phones. If you own a Hewlett-Packard over a hundred thousand laptops are being recalled as they could catch fire by the battery. If you own one in the last year he might want to double check and see if it is on the recall list. If you are a Netflix user on Android you got a feature iPhone owners will never see. The ability to download multiple videos. Netflix…

Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield - March 11, 2016

by: Adam

This week on Tech Talk on 900 CHML, the following topics will be discussed with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield: Skype is going to kill the smart TV app. They will no longer be going to work on development so any of the smart TVs will no longer allow for you to have the video conferencing feature. CLICK HERE: I’d like to go over a few things you may not know about what big brother is tracking about you through Google and through other social media sources: As an example, Google knows your age and gender – even if you never told them. They have comprehensive profiles of you including what interests you and can even edit what they know about you. Facebook knows when your relationship isn’t going well. Based on your activities and status updates the company can actually predict with almost perfect accuracy whether or not…

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