Picturing Your Future is a Snap!

Picturing Your Future is a Snap!

by: Shalynn

This year, the OntarioColleges.ca #PictureYourFutureTour has one more way to engage with students – Snapchat! Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat now boasts 150 million users each day – surpassing Twitter in daily users by 10 million. In the United States, the app reaches 41 percent of all 18 – 24-year-olds and half of all new users are over the age of 25. This translates into enormous potential for building brand awareness. For the Picture Your Future Tour, the growing popularity of the app means further opportunities to inspire students to consider post-secondary education at one of Ontario’s public colleges. FPM3 has designed a custom On- Demand Geofilter, that students can use and share with their followers. The filter made its debut on October 3rd at Fleming College to an impressive 1200 views in just two hours. Since then, Ontario Colleges and FPM3 have shown over 3800 users that picturing…

So it begins.

by: Adrian

Well, here we are, three days into the Picture Your Future Tour. We’ve seen the sights, met some nice folks and even lost our way once or twice, but the journey is only just beginning. The goal of our province-wide excursion is not only to promote the colleges of Ontario, but to encourage youth to have the crucial conversation about their post-secondary future with parents and teachers. We aim to nurture the desire to learn and experience hands-on new things by relaying the importance of considering the options for post-secondary studies. Armed with their aspirations and the right knowledge, these students will soon be ready to set out on the road to success. It’s incredible how much can be fit into a van with enough determination. When all the gear is unpacked, it looks like enough to fill a UHaul, but we’ve got a system to fit everything together like a …

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