Episode 30 - Tech Talk Friday, January 12, 2018 -CES SHOW with cool tech, Smart bathroom, Smart undies, and Razor Phone laptops and more

by: Adam

The CES show was in Vegas this past week and there will be lots of items to go through over the next future Tech Talk shows. So I thought I would go through and give my highlights on items that were spectacular. Razor, once the sleekest thinnest phone has come up with something that even Mr. Oldfield is super stoked about. Imagine a laptop where the trackpad gets replaced with your smartphone? Razor has introduced a laptop that you can now do this. The touch display on the phone becomes your trackpad and it comes with extra battery components so it keeps your phone charged. Operating the Android system right on your laptop. There were a few gadgets at the CES show that I thought was amazing. The first one is a Sleeping Mask. You wrap it around your head and it has light technology and records your sleep experiences….