It's Time For Me To Say GoodBye FPM3!

by: Marc

Here we are, September 5th. Summer is coming to an end but it also means that it is the end of my 6-month internship at FPM3. I really appreciated this opportunity and working for a Canadian marketing agency allowed me to gain more experience but I have to say it was a lot of fun too. I am sure this valuable experience will help me to find a job as I would love to pursue my career in the marketing industry. I won’t forget this awesome team and want to thank everyone for their support and their input. I also encourage recent grads and students looking for a marketing internship to apply at FPM3. Not only will you have a great job but you will also find a great team and you will have the chance to get through all of the aspects of a marketing agency which is something…

Social Media - Friend or Foe

by: Adam

My very good friend the other day called me to share with me both a funny story….and yet a very disturbing ending.    Let me start with the story.   My friend is a bigger guy and has been loosing a lot of weight in the past few months.   He goes to the movies with his friend and one person goes in line while he gets the food.   He piles up with popcorn, pop for the two of them and his hands are completely full.   He then walks back to the line up and realizes his pants are coming down.   Of course, he had no where to put down his food/drinks and finally the pants had fallen off.   In polka-dot boxers in front of a huge crowd he’s finally approached by a 40 year old guy who offers him a helping hand. The man says, “Can I help you?” My Friend “Sure,…

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