Vine: The New Video Sharing App on Twitter

by: Adam

Hi there! Have you heard about Vine, the brand new app from Twitter? Twitter released this new app a couple weeks ago and it is now up and running. But what is this all about? Well, it is as simple as a Tweet. To be short, a tweet is no more than 140 characters and with the new app you are able to post a 6-second loop video on Twitter, nothing more. A tweet is usually used to share a brief thought and Vine is useful to actually illustrate your thoughts. Indeed, within 6-seconds, your message has to be quick and straight to the point, so that followers have enough time to get what you want to share. What you should also know is that Vine does not have a play button, a pause button or even a timeline scrubber, and all of that was done on purpose, according to…

Blackberry Remains the choice at FPM3

by: Adam

It’s been a hard decision, but I’m sticking to Blackberry for the time being for our office.  I am putting it on probation as the general direction in the office is that Android is getting warm and welcoming reviews from the accounts staff.    I guess as the President I have the final say on our “equipment” however the reasons for why we should change are actually quite complelling and I have to say are even convincing to me. I was the Palm Pilot original advocate.  I stuck with Palm right up until Handspring was acquired again by them.   Then I moved to Blackberry.  I was glad that I did, however now I’m seeing the mobile future and Blackberry is slowly keeping up.   There is so many areas of improvement that need to be done, but more to their disadvantage is that the world isn’t wanting to work with them…

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