Friday, March 17, 2017 - Tech Talk - Amazon Alexa, Family Link Security for Parents, Phone Locks Important, Facezam Hoax?, Headphones Exploding and more

by: Adam

Big Happy Birthday to my Grandmother! Took her for lunch in a limo provided by Hamilton Limo. ALEXA  – Good and bad news about this Amazon product. Roomba the cleaning vacuum robot now works with Alexa. You can easily now just yell at it and it will start cleaning. New Security needs to be put together. Recently a 6 year old managed to purchase a new doll house and a box of cookies simply by asking Alexa to get it. Google launched this week – FAMILY LINK.  A way for kids to search in a friendly way and parents to keep an eye on the devices, especially those 13 and younger.  It gives parents the ability to approve kids request anywhere. It costs $0.30 for parental consent allowing you to have the ability to manage your child’s account online. When the child wishes to ask permission, it will…

Tech Talk -Friday, March 3, 2017 -FPM 14th Birthday, Travel and Privacy, Social Media Posts Monitored, Netflix, Gmail Meg Increase, AT&T Highspeed

by: Adam

Happy Birthday 14 years old for FPM Marketing – Shout out to the office and staff in Canada and the USA. USA – law coming into effect that could change everything about travel and privacy. – a new law in the USA to be passed will now allow them to ask for your, passport, phone and PASSWORDS.  To unlock the phone AND your social media!  As Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has just testified in front of the House Homeland Security Committee that he wants this all travellers to the U.S. to hand over their unlocked electronic devices, as well as their social media passwords, to airport security as a matter of routine. It’s official! Canadian authorities can monitor social media posts from patrol cars. In Ottawa, Ottawa Police strategic operations center, OPSOC police are now set up for strategic operations that can assemble social media data including previous…

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