YouTube New Advertising Strategy

by: Adam

Have you heard about the YouTube paid channels coming up soon? On May 6th, YouTube, property of Google Company, announced they will launch a new feature allowing YouTube viewers to pay a monthly fee to subscribe to certain channels (i.e. The National Geographic Kids). The number of channels and countries where it will be available will be limited at first, but Google hopes to develop the idea and generate more revenue. And that is what this is all about: getting more revenue for YouTube but also for the company who uploaded the videos. Ever since advertising has been allowed on YouTube it has been a great source of revenue, but now it seems that it is not enough which is why paid channels could be the answer. Plus, you can choose whether or not you want to pay, so no one will ever be forced to pay if they want…

Google has changed to rules of FREE to FEE

by: Adam

    It appears that with all things that are “FREE” there eventually comes a time when it’s going to have a cost associated to it.  I was informed on December 5, 2012 that the Google Business Apps (small business) is no longer free.  You used to get to setup your business (1 person to 3 people) to share calendars and have access to their programs online that share in the cloud.  Such as and other CRM tools.  These are now coming at a cost and you can no longer access this without making a payment and signing up. The cost isn’t huge mind you, but the chances of trying it are over.   The cost is now $50 per person, per year.  You get 25G of email through Gmail and you can register your MX (Mail Exchange) to go through google so GMail can be your email and you…

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