Te Quiero Taco Bell

by: FPM3

Cinco de Mayo has come and gone, but Taco Bell made sure that it was on for the books. More and more people and brands are finding ways to indulge in the popularity of Snapchat and I don’t blame them. As per my previous article on Snapchat, and how the application has been able to capture the attention of millions of people everywhere, it has proven to be a medium that everyone should invest in, but it seems like no one has quite figured it out. Check out my previous article on Snapchat.

It seems that Taco Bell has figured out a way to spread brand awareness through Snapchat in a creative and unique way, and of course the only way to do that is through a unique Snapchat lens. They absolutely obliterated the Snapchat record last week with 224 million views in one day, which is a lot of tacos and taco heads as a matter of fact! The lens turned peoples’ heads into a giant taco shell to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

“Although this was such a simple idea it took a very long time to execute.” Ryan Rimsnider who is the senior manager of social strategy for Taco Bell said that his team spent six weeks working with Snapchat to build this lens.

“It’s important for a brand to make a personal connection with their audience, although timing is key in ideas such as these.” Ryan explained that this idea was a long time coming they just had to wait for the right time to execute. Snapchat has also indicated that it is the most viewed Snapchat lens to date, beating out Gatorade’s Super Bowl campaign that had 165 million views.

The amazing part is that they were able to gauge metrics from Snapchat, such as how long the average user played with Taco Bell’s lens before sending it as a “snap” to their friends and also analyze how many unique plays the campaign generated.

Unique Plays: 12.5 years worth of play in a day
Use of Lens: 24-second average

The campaign was extremely successful, not because Taco Bell did something over-the-top crazy but because it was simple. The campaign was subtly branded and automatically played the infamous “bong” sound that Taco Bell is known for.

Check out the Taco Bell Snapchat Lens.