Tech Talk - Adam Oldfield - July 31, 2015

by: Adam

This week on Tech Talk on 900 CHML; with Bill Kelly we talked about the following:

  • The Android Bug – over 90% of phones have the bug that will allow hackers your entire information
  • Google Now – this handy assistant is going to be mandatory on the road for managing your driving and phone communications.  However, the coolest is the fact you can use it to be more efficient with your time!
  • Google Timeline – You have been tracked since the beginning of you accepting the terms of sharing your location with Google.  They now share with you your past.
  • Windows 10 is out – The verdict!
  • Look out Tesla – the NEW Youxia X from China is about hit the market.
  • Microsoft EDGE Browser – IE is almost dead…but keeps on ticking in Windows 10.   More like a zombie on the internet.


  • Researchers at Zimperium Mobile Labs, where it was discovered by VP of Platform Research and Exploitation Joshua Drake, claim that up to “95% of Android devices” are vulnerable.
  • To initiate the attack, the hacker sends a maliciously modified video message. The message is able to circumvent Android’s sandboxing security measures and execute remote code — at which point they’d have near-full access to your device, its storage, its camera and microphone, etc.
  • The hack is being referred to as “Stagefright.” “Stagefright” is also the media library that Android uses to process video, and is the bit of code being exploited here.
  • In many cases, the device will start processing the message without the user opening the message manually. Just receiving the message is enough to get the ball rolling.
  • Worse yet, an attacker could theoretically delete the message themselves as soon as they’ve executed the attack, leaving behind no trace but a notification that most would quickly swipe away with no idea that their device is now under an attacker’s control.
  • The bug is said to have been introduced in Android v2.2 (Froyo), but Zimperium has successfully tested it on builds as recent as the latest release, Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop). Devices running a build older than Jelly Bean (4.1) are said to be most vulnerable.

The good news: Google has a patch ready to go!

The bad news: It’s up to your provider to send it out.  Also if you have the older Android Fryo, Gingerpread, or Ice Cream Sandwich (2+ – 3+)  You’re S.o.L on getting a patch apparently.

Google NOW

Google has the ability (since Tuesday July 28) to now check the “flow” of people waiting in line at your favourite coffee shop.  Another reason you want to update your information on Google business maps; as people with their GPS systems tracks the flow of people waiting in line.  It then puts all the information together into a compiled resource that now can advise when it’s a good time to go or when there’s going to be a huge lineup.  Might make the businesses work a bit harder to find efficiencies in operations.

You can swipe through the panel to see how its foot traffic is likely to vary throughout the week, hour-by hour. The graph doesn’t provide specific numbers, but rather shows which times and days are busiest relative to one another.

Google Maps – TIMELINE

Adam Google Map TimelineYes.  Google is tracking every step, destination and time you travelled.  Every Mile, Kilometre or anywhere you go is now being monitored by the big guys upstairs.  Same with Apple (unless you shut it off of course); but guess what you can now see it with TIMELINE.   I’ve shown you a sample of my history so you can see where I was around the city.  Scary and interesting at the same time.

You can turn it off in the LOCATION SETTINGS but you’d be surprised how many programs want to know where you are.  Weather apps, Emails, photos, Facebook etc



KNIGHT RIDER “KITT” is actually here.  And it’s an Electric car!

The Youxia XYouxia interiorThe Youxia X –  is a Chinese knockoff of the Tesla model S. I think Elon musk should be proud knowing that his product is finally inspired a copy from China. What makes this very interesting is that it’s styled the same way, however it is not the same internally. If you can believe it the front  can have  a rolling LED light and it is customizable to any different color.   The computer system also allows for the controls to have a different sound. As an example you can put the sound of a Ferrari 488 GTB, or a Ferrari Sergio inside the  vehicle. It has 362 hp and can travel 220 Km on a charge. It will cost between $59,000-$80,000 CDN and will be available in 2017.

Windows 10 – Now available

Available for free for one year starting July 29 for those with computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, the new operating system offers users greater access to the Cortana virtual assistant, a brand-new web browser and even reintroduces the Start menu, among other features.