Tech Talk - February 19, 2016

by: Adam
  • CRTC Rejects pleas from the smaller guys that want to play in the internet game in Canada for Wireless access. CLICK HERE
  • Apples letter stating the privacy and how they are standing against the FBI in regards to not providing a solution to the encrypting of the older iPhones. CLICK HERE
  • Imagine an entire office instantly capable of hitting a button and office chairs That will park itself back under the desk.
  • Facebook instant articles are coming as of April. Another attempt of how Facebook is trying to lure you from not leaving there app. It will allow for publishers to make programming easier with in facebook. The concern is how the ads are now limited. Another attempt for Facebook to battle the mighty Google when it comes to seeking news and information
  • Google Translate is now 10 years old and currently supports 100 languages and ninety-nine percent of the online population
  • Spam emails, how do we stop them? Here’s a few tips and give some advice as to what possible solutions are available for you. Remember spam is not viruses or malware these are just unsolicited pain emails that you have to just keep deleting
  • An Indian company is launching a $4 smartphone running on Android. The future of chief technology keeps getting cheaper. Keep in mind it’s $4 us so that’s what, about $15 Canadian 🙂
  • A new prototype has come out for a flexible screen phone. Imagine where you could bend your phone to give a concave or convex layout. Is revolutionary in a way that your screen will never break
  • There’s a new museum that you can visit online that is viruses and malware. If you can believe it we’ve gone so far in time in technology there is now a museum showcasing some of the worst viruses that came out that affected windows and doors operating systems.
  • Google gives MY MAPS a much-needed revamp period in the world of navigation this will allow you to properly measure distance and square footage. Ever wanted to know exactly how long it would take to get from point A to point B.
  • There’s a new app that will work on any smartphone that actually is a seismic station. This new app can actually register when you should prepare for an earthquake!