Tech Talk - Friday, April, 28, 2017 - Illuminabowl, Drones, Suitcase that Follows You, Chat App, Software that Mimics your Voice and More...

by: Adam

Here are the topics of discussion for this Friday’s show on Tech Talk AM 900CHML with Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly. Listen on AM radio 900 CHML or Adam Oldfield’s Facebook page LIVE @ 11:35 AM.

Seen on Dragons Den – Illuminabowl – you can now change the colour of your toilet bowl.  Comes in 10 colours…DISCO SHOW for when you go!

England continues to be the leader when it comes to driverless vehicles technology and autonomous shuttles with self-driving cars being driven on the streets. The UK government has announced that car is traveling autonomously from London to Oxford will happen in 2019. Self-driving shuttle trials in London in to develop a fleet of autonomous vehicles to travel long distances on British motorways within the next 30 months.

Virtual Reality is growing and there is a lot of innovation involved with it. So much so hospitals in the US are now using virtual reality to help alleviate pain. The mind can be convinced when it’s stimulated with joy and the sense of being in a warm environment to give less pain receptors. As an example, you can fly your own jetpack and take to the skies giving you the sensation of free floating.


  1. Delivering sexual health and reproductive rights.
  2. Drones flying through the night in China seek out factories running illegally and emitting pollution.
  3. Dubai – uses them for finding people littering and monitor waste dump sites, beaches and campsites
  4. Humanitarian aid.
  5. Anti-poaching and curbing wildlife crime monitoring the wilderness

TRAVELMATE – the suitcase that links to your phone and will follow you through the airport.    Comes with a tracking chip.  $399 to start and will save those arms from getting used.

ROBOT LAWNMORE – “MIIMO” from Honda created the perfect chore saver.  Cuts at night, in the rain and quietly, roams your lawn regularly and was designed for safety.  Set the cutting height and anti-theft security; linking with your smartphone. Sorry…even kids are getting the ALLOWANCE cut back.

Samsung has come up with a new chat app that uses emojis to help people with language disorders is new language chat system is actually useful for someone who struggles to digest written words as an example people with aphasia a language disorder that impedes people ability to read talk and write. Will take any dialogue and create an emoji to communicate.


  • You would think making apps would be a multimillion-dollar business. The truth is yes. However, it was very short-lived. As an example, Pokémon made 50 million dollars in July last month and continues to decline along with many other apps that charge for their software. People have so many options and keeping up…as NEW PROGRAMS are coming to the market fast and furious.
  • Apple just changed the license agreement for anyone who would link to an app on their store would receive 7%. They just released 2.5% will be the new amount anyone selling or linking to the App Store will receive. This is different then add developer listing on the App Store still receiving 70%. But a real kick when it comes to creating Revenue from linking to app stores.

Google just patented a smart drag-and-drop. this is quite revolutionary as the way it works is you could copy an address and it will instantly know how to go to Google Maps or when you drag an image and it’s a pair of pants will know where it’s available for sale instantly.

There is a new software available that actually copy someone’s voice from a 1-minute sample.  Lyrebird is the new system that can actually NOW mimic up to 90% accuracy the persons’ voice.

How powerful is Google Maps? Pretty powerful when someone gets the address wrong and a pizza shop in Australia become someone’s home. In less than a day a new pizza shop opened using the wrong address and giving the person a lot of visitors materials and a job application. Make sure you keep your Google map location updated.

UNROLL.ME is a program I used regularly. In fact, I even mentioned it on Tech talk to discuss how valuable in time-saving it is. It was only recently announced it collects your data and sells it. Uber is now under investigation under the fact that it purchased information from “Unroll Me” to see how it was doing. What’s intriguing is the fact that nothing is free and if you sign up for a service you can expect they’re taking your data and making money off of it.

Google project owl is a new program algorithm that we can expect to see fake news being removed from Google Search. Google is launching this new system that is going to do the following:

  1. a new feedback form for search suggestions, plus formal policy about why suggestions might be removed
  2. A new feedback form for Featured snippet answers
  3. A new emphasis on authoritative content to improve search quality.

ICELANDIC – is the lost language spoken by only 300k people and ironically could be lost even in technology as Google struggles (and every other GPS) to speak it.


CRTC rulings on the data caps with providers – what would that mean

Shoes that tie themselves and we’ll never need to learn the butterfly in the future.