Tech Talk - Friday, April, 7, 2017

by: Adam

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Imagine a jacket that you can poke a hole in it and it will repair itself. The new Nano Cure tech clothing line from Imperial motion can do just that.

Facebook introduces new formatting technology to fight revenge porn. One of the biggest challenges with Facebook, is ex’s posting inappropriate photos, This new software will now flag an image so it can’t be posted twice.

If you need a software that’s going to complicate getting together with friends there’s a new option on the market it’s called “Who’s In?”. It is made by Microsoft and it’s amazing software will search BING, what’s going on, then we’ll send a message to everyone asking which they would want to vote for. What I find interesting is that if you already have iMessage why can’t you just message everyone?

A company in Sweden is getting workers an all-access pass to the office by embedding an RFID microchip that can unlock doors and operate office machinery. “EPICENTRE”.  The chip is injected in the top of your hand, and allows you to sign into the computer and printers, book airline fares and it can be used at the gym. 150 staff have already signed up.

Do you slouch too much? A new device will fix this nasty habit. Strap it to your back and it will vibrate instantly advising you to sit up straight. It also keeps track of how often you do it on your app. It called “Upright Go”.

Happy Birthday to the cell phone. It was April 3rd, 1973 that the first mobile phone call was made by Motorola.

Smartwear has not been very popular, however, a Fitbit just saved a woman’s life. Her heartbeat was irregular and her fit that was giving her notice to do something about it. She went to the doctor and realize she had a clot in her heart.

There’s a new app designed to curb obsessive phone use. It will actually track every time you use the phone and keep a log, giving you advice on when you should and should not be using it. It’s called “Onword”. It’s to give you tech life balance. It’s to create a healthier relationship with your device so you don’t become compulsively checking Twitter and Gmail every time you have a moment.

Police drones are now configured with lethal weapons, allowing for safely approaching criminals. The first drone was set up with a weapon allowing for shooting of bullets. Connecticut Police are currently being trained and new drones with less Lethal Weapons such as stun guns are in the process of being tested.

It’s official! Android is now the most popular operating system in the world, beating out Microsoft. There was once a time Apple or Macintosh could have been one of the most popular operating systems but today Android has managed to completely beat Windows.

In a good news story, Ford has hired 400 developers from Blackberry to assist with connecting its cars shortly after announcing its going to be building its own Data Center. This is great news for a few reasons: Ford will be managing all the content of information from their vehicles and its own data center. Meaning, it won’t be shared with several other sources. The 400 individuals are from Ottawa’s BlackBerry QNX division. Which means the Smart Car infotainment and navigation software will be quite advanced. It wouldn’t be surprising to see some new Innovations coming out of Ford. As such, it was announced that Ford is actually the leader in self-driving electric cars beating out Tesla.