Tech Talk - Friday, August 25, 2017- DIY Prosthetic Limbs, Ubercrate, Worlds Fastest Train, Cement Watch and more...

by: Adam

August 25, 2017
Happy Internaut Day! Aug 23 was the first day the internet came online. www world wide web.

NOTE 8 – the MOST amazing phone on the market. I’ve highlighted the amazing features, we all want…well those in business anyways
MY TOP 8 reasons the Samsung NOTE 8 rocks.
1. Super crisp 4k resolution.
2. Pictures zoomed in will auto stable!
3. 6G of RAM AND a slot to upgrade to 256GB of space from 64G
4. Wireless Fast Charging USB-C
5. Iris Scanning and Face scanning
6. 6.2 Inches big
7. Water and Dust Resistant
8. Head phone jack

If you love video games a new service called Ubercrate is available that for $19.99 a month you can get a crate for PC, Mac and OS Linux games. All the hot games you love including Wolfenstein, Batman, Mortal Kombat and lots of others from independent titles. Games worth $40 up to $700. And you can sign up for a 3, 6 or 12-month membership. You’ll get 10 games a month.

Prosthetics of come a long way. The prosthetic arm cost at minimum $100,000. I 21-year-old engineer has found a solution. He partnered with Microsoft and created a product that can be printed on a 3D printer. Then created the schematics for the operating arm and allowed it to be available to download offline. Meaning anyone with a 3D printer and these instructions will be able to have a prosthetic arm. This could be the future of low-cost solutions for those with missing limbs.

All this talk about LRT, we aren’t even close to what’s going on in other parts of the world. China has officially reclaimed the title of the world’s fastest train. The bullet train will speed along at speeds up to 400km/hr (248mph). Top speeds of the next fastest train is Elon Musk tunnel train which can reach 308 km per hour. McLaren F1 set a world record at 386 km per hour. A Cessna can fly up to 200km/hr. A commercial jet still flys faster as they reach up to 900km/hr.

Always losing your keys? Can’t remember that code to your lock? Well, the new Noki (Noke) app works with a padlock that will unlock with just a Bluetooth connection. For example, if you get locked out you’ll be able to set up that your smartphone when close can connect and it will unlock. Originally it was a Kickstarter it’s now available on Amazon for $56 you can turn on the Bluetooth access to friends while out of town and turn it off when you wish.

If you use AccuWeather on your iPhone you might be sending private information without your permission. Even though you’ve opted out. Security researchers recently discovered that the app was sending 4 iOS information to a data monetization firm even though people opted out. Sending GPS coordinates as well as wifi router information to track where you are located whether or not you had your Bluetooth turned on.

A new feature with Facebook will now allow for desktop and mobile versions to keep a close check on your friends. As Facebook safety check is getting a permanent presence. In the case of an event, you’ll be able to see your description of what happened and then how you can follow anyone that gives themselves a safety check in that area for an earthquake or a terrorist attack. Allowing friends to know you are okay. It will also allow for community help which will allow for people to make donations to support.

Skateboarding is always cool but you may be seeing a few Longboards that are moving uphill. Gravity is no longer a challenge for skateboarders. Yuneec EGo 2 Electric Longboard Features several speeds and a 400-watt motor allowing it to go up to 18 miles and a speed of 12 miles an hour or 20 kilometers per hour. The app with a wireless remote allows you to accelerate and apply brakes without even putting your feet on the ground and a light in front sissy where you’re going at night and it’s selling for only $360.

If you think your watch is a little too light, there’s a new cement watch. The Masonic watch is now available and according to their site has a bezel and dial made from proprietary cement. The watch weighs 3.2 oz and you can own it for only $129.