Tech Talk - Friday, August 3rd, 2017

by: Adam

It is  Friday again with awesome Tech topics with Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly on 900 CHML!!!

Facebook has a smart speaker that is a little bit creepier than what we’re used to. A 13-inch screen and the ability to use it as a video phone. It also keeps the surveillance on your house knowing when people are walking around.

Haya – the gadget that allows you to control your entire home.  Think of the movie Minority Report – in that you move your fingers in the air, touch the arm of your couch and you can now control all your smart devices.   Turn up the volume on your stereo, turn off the lights, turn on Netflix on the TV.   All this by making a 3D image that creates a radio/sonar wave that allows you and guests to control the house.

Bi-Laws – we love them.  All cities have them…the latest is Honolulu bans texting now in crosswalks for $50 – $100 fines if you’re caught.

Newest Patent awarded to Samsung for the Banana Phone.   I guess it took from 1960 to get this mastered and crafted perfectly.

China is using Artificial Intelligence to predict who will commit the next crime. Similar to the movie Minority Report the Chinese government has a lot of documentation and can now accumulate chances of when you will be potentially going to commit a crime. As an example, if you pick up a knife at the store it probably won’t find anything suspicious but based on your past history, your criminal record and you pick up a knife followed with a hammer and a sack later on it’s going to put your suspicious rating up.

Google will be changing the way we see the search engine. From the typical way we see the page with the search bar, you will soon be able to see your news feed and artificial intelligence will soon be predicting exactly what it is you’re seeking given the time, day and where you’re located. Understanding your habits and the fact your phone is always on Google will know what it is you’re seeking.

Imagine walking down the street and where Artificial Intelligence can now map your face to know your emotions. Feeling sad it will know exactly why you’re depressed if you’re angry it will also know if you are potentially in the dangerous mental mood. Mega face competition had ntechlab win with over 93% accuracy out of a database of 1 million pictures.  The software is being used in Russia and will also be offered to many countries in the future for FIFA Confederation cup it will be used for the case of being able to know when someone could be doing something aggressive.

Japan has a new clock made up of a face. It is your choice of an old lady, a young man or young woman. The eyeball points in the direction of which our it is and the other eyeball points to the minute. The mouth opens and closes for each second. If you want something a little different this is an option.

The cute little robot Kuri is now available to constantly shoot your life in your apartment. It is a 20-inch tall autonomous obstacle detecting robot that will capture your entire life of unexpected moments in 5-second video increments. It comes with microphones and can get those moments that you wish you filmed. Think of it as a non-stop blogger. It spends all day capturing video when there is motion around it. If your dog does something cute you’ll now have it on file.

Computer servers get pretty hot. Why not find a solution to keep your water bill low? A company uses heat from the servers to give everyone a warm shower. This Dutch company called Nerdalize lets people use the residual heat from the computers in the company to heat their homes specifically designed servers are installed in the customers’ homes and hooked up to the heating system.

Facebook pulls the plug on their Artificial Bots as I will explain why. In summary, the computer started coming up with their own language.

Facebook pulls plug on AI bots after they start inventing their own language