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Tech Talk – Friday, December 30, 2016 – Top Gadgets for 2017, Canada charges most for Data, Use old phone as a security cam

Listen to Adam Oldfield today at 11:35 a.m. on 900CHML AM radio on the Billy Kelly Show for the latest Tech Talk or listen in and watch the show on Adam Oldfields Facebook page LIVE! Here are todays juicy discussion topics:

Top list of gadgets for 2017!

  • Three camera cell phones. The new Lenovo Project Tango phone comes with three cameras allowing for that three dimensional effect.
  • Google’s Project Tango – mapping inside of public places.
  • Genworth Aging Suit. This suit will actually make you feel like you’re older. Giving a sense of areas of how to improve or assist those with joint and flexibility and muscle mass issues.
  • Optic lenses that fit in normal glasses. Imagine Google Glass now in standard glasses.
  • 3D Systems can now print cakes and cupcakes.
  • Tip Talk a product by Samsung, allows any phone to now be smart and all you have to do to answer your phone now is to tap your ear.
  • LG signature Dual side LED video wall:  this will allow you to see a video go directly on both sides. Expected in most subway stations and public malls.
  • Daqri. This smart helmet uses a plastic panel to protect augmented reality onto the screen, allowing construction workers view of the world and gives ideas on holding blueprints or seeing the actual measurements.
  • Cleverpet. This new pet feeder actually will keep track of how much your pet can be fed and let you know by cloud-based systems when you need to order or put more food in for your dog or cat.
  • Active solar X. This mobile charging station allows you to charge your camera or phone buy folding up to solar panels and giving you all the power you need.
  • Fisher Price Code-a-pillar. This new product allows young children ages 5 and under to now code by putting together a caterpillar.
  • Moth Fitness Band. Rock this band around your arm and you can now play Pac-Man by moving your arms back and forth controlling and getting some exercise.
  • Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. This new fridge has a clear display and allows you to see the contents and pictures on the inside simply by being at a grocery store and clicking a button.
  • LG Signature Refrigerator. This will open automatically when you get close and knock on the window turns the light on so you can see inside.
  • Sensorwake is the best new alarm clock that allows you to now smell coffee, grass, mint, money and even a litter box to wake up in the morning.


With all the batteries exploding these days researchers at Binghamton University in New York have created a ‘bacteria-powered battery out of a single sheet of paper.” The project is aimed at creating batteries for disposable microelectronics that could run for weeks using little bacteria-rich liquid. You won’t be powering your car with this however, it expels 31.51 microwatts which is enough to turn small electronics on.

It’s official. Wireless providers in Canada are making more revenue per gigabyte of data than any other country. Canadian carriers charge the most for data while consumers make limited use of it. The most expensive mobile data countries are Canada, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and Netherlands. As a consequence, mobile users are using very little mobile data period in countries where unlimited or very generous mobile data plans are available higher usage is used. In Finland, half the users have unlimited data at some of the most least expensive prices.


If you’ve got an old cell phone with a camera it can now be a security system in your own home. Download the software from Perch, sign up for an account and you can easily access your phone and turn it into a live two-way camera with audio.


If you like Skype you’re going to love it even more. The future with real-time translation what is in beta stage and now is about to go live. This feature allows you to have someone look and speak and it will translate for you instantly. What makes this new feature even better is that it used to only work with Skype to Skype calls. It’s now going to work with Skype to regular calls.


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