Tech Talk - Friday, February 3, 2017 - iPhone, Hewlett Packard recall, Netflix for Android users, Renting Cars and Digital Privacy, Netflix Android, Computers Hostage, Headband remote for movies

by: Adam

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Record-breaking sales for iPhone. Apple overall blows all statistics away selling over 78 million phones, breaking Samsung’s record of holding the lead. Keep in mind Samsung had a bit of a crap year selling only 71 million phones.

If you own a Hewlett-Packard over a hundred thousand laptops are being recalled as they could catch fire by the battery. If you own one in the last year he might want to double check and see if it is on the recall list.

If you are a Netflix user on Android you got a feature iPhone owners will never see. The ability to download multiple videos.

Netflix for Android just got a new feature iPhone owners will never see

We talked about digital privacy yet, we sometimes get pretty sloppy. One of the top issues that people do is leave their contact list and personal information in rental cars. Thinking when they drop it off that information somehow disappears. A little reminder that renting cars and connecting your phone require a little work to delete your data.

You might have noticed if you’re using Google Chrome warnings on more on websites that they are not secure. As Google tries to enforce and allow safety for users, you will now see if the website is not secure or potentially has Malware. If you have a website, it might be good to keep it updated.

We’ve talked about hackers taking over and holding computers hostage. A hotel in Austria was held hostage for Bitcoins when they took over their computer system allowing for key cards to be made. More or less locking out any new customers capable of booking a room. The hostage was worth $1,600 and had to be paid to allow the security system to open the doors of the hotel room. The solution to this problem is they are going back to the old skeleton key locks.

Netflix is just as innovative as autonomous driving cars. They are now testing a headband that allows you to select and scroll through the movies you want to watch. Getting lazy and fat watching TV has never got better and Netflix will help that binge-watching even more.

This new at home fertility tests let you masturbate onto a card and your phone can instantly give you results if the boys are swimming or not. This new product is only $50 and gives you two testing cards. This normally would have taken weeks and you would have had to go into a clinic possibly even paying for this cost. This can now be easily done without getting your phone dirty. This kit is called ‘Yo’.

We talked about Facebook taking over and this is one thing we can probably expect. Facebook will be offering its product on Apple TV and Android box to allow users to watch programming exclusive to Facebook. Yes, Facebook could be our next broadcaster. These rumours include having its own News Network Exclusive by Facebook.

Who better to take on Amazon? Walmart, and they are doing it aggressively with free shipping over $50. You don’t need to spend $100 to become a Prime Member either. The battle for online shopping is about to begin and these Mega houses are going to be competing for your business.