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Tech Talk – Friday, February 9, 2017 -Fingerprint Security on Smartphone and SIM Card, 20 Anniversary for Apple, Brilliant Home Technology, Smart City, BBM Platform, SDI company burned down, Apple Ultra Accessory Connector

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Security in cell phones is getting an upgrade. You will now be able to match your fingerprint on both the device and the SIM card in some of the new released smartphones.

If you thought Facebook was invading your privacy before, now it’s image recognition that can actually tell what you’re wearing. Matching a database of your background and clothing will actually can keep a log of what you wear on any given day with its new technology.

Google announced a partnership with H&M. As we know, Google tracks a lot of information about who we are, what we’re doing, what’s nearby and even the weather. Google now has an application that’s taking advantage of this data to design a dress. Google has come up with a way that actually will understand what your likes and dislikes are and will provide this data to design you a custom dress. The information is collected over a period of a week and checks things such as where you travel, where you eat and what weather you’re in. After a week, it will digitally tailor a dress that you can buy within the app.

If you can believe it, Microsoft isn’t done. The new Surface phone is about to come to Market. Just when we thought Microsoft was out of the smartphone game it’s announced it’s coming to Market with its own phone.

Remember Blackberry? It has now inks licensing deal to sell smartphones to more than 1 billion people in India. This licensing deal will showcase Blackberry software plans are in place under its first private licensing deal.

In addition, Blackberry is now offering to app developers access to its BBM platform. It is still considered one of the most exclusive and best protected encrypted systems. This could be used for medical purposes in regards to sending private images or even government documents.

We all think of Google operating out of California but you may not know that Montreal has a team that houses the group that is providing those notifications on your browser for Chrome, Safari and Firefox that let you know if a website may have malware or a virus. Giving over a billion people comfort in that they don’t download an improper file.

The 20th Anniversary is coming up for Apple and in 1997 around the time Steve Jobs was just coming back within the company, they launched the TAM. Which was referred to as 20th Anniversary Macintosh. It was the initial prototype of the iMac which was available for $7,500. If it was purchased, it was hand delivered by limousine and set up by an authorized Apple representative wearing white gloves. Within a matter of four months of Steve Jobs officially taking the CEO position back and he dropped the price to $2,000 then completely removed the product from its roster in addition to the newt and the Apple camera.

It’s official! Kansas City is now a Smart City. In over four years the residents now have Google Fiber and allows the city free public WiFi across 50 downtown blocks and 125 Smart LED street lights that respond to activity. Kiosks are available throughout the city giving emergency notification as well as updates on local entertainment and city services available.

Here’s some ironic news, SDI the company that made the Note 7 battery actually caught on fire and burned down. Not that it’s any big news, other than kind of ironic that the company that created the exploding burning battery actually burn down itself in China.

Apple was actually going to be mainstream with all the other connected devices of USB-C or the lightning connector. However, it appears Apple is not to be outdone has created a new plug that will be used with future products. The new connector is called the Ultra Accessory Connector or UAC. It’s half the size of the USB-C connector allowing devices more space. However, it is also going to cause more adapters to be purchased in the future to connect.

A company in California called, Brilliant Home Technology, might be replacing the smartphone. This product goes into your house and allows you to easily touch or speak and control your home environment, all without a smartphone. Think of it as a thermostat in every room and you can change the temperature, the dimming of the lights, or turning on the television all with your voice. Similar to Back to the Future 2, when Marty got home and started telling the television to turn on and what channels to watch. It’s actually here.

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