Tech Talk - Friday, January, 27, 2017 - Smart Jeans, Progressive Web Apps, Googles Pixel Smartphones, gig town Development, 3-D TV, Iphone 6S, 3-D Concrete Homes

by: Adam

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Smartware is not dead. As an example, there are now jeans that will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. These smart jeans vibrate when it’s giving directions to go left or right to help you get to your destination.

There’s a class action lawsuit that is demanding apple add lockout systems to the iPhone to prevent texting while driving. Apple had filed this patent in 2013. There was a case where someone was FaceTiming and ended up crashing into the oncoming traffic. Another someone was texting on an iPhone and got into an accident. This is a pretty serious situation. As an example, if this passes and becomes law the ramifications of how it just impacts not only cell phone operations but all items related to mobile transportation. Me implementations would apply to navigation systems, car radio, and fast-food purchase through drive-thru windows. This could be something of which could alter the whole premise of driving behind the wheel.

In the next year or two, mobile apps are going to alter. Google is very aware of this and they have started a new initiative called Progressive Web Apps. What it does is integrates the mobile website to easily link to your mobile phone. Anyone who is between the age of 15 to 25 already finds apps to be cumbersome and drags your smartphone down. Why do you need to download an app when you can get everything you need online. This new foundation will also help device resources and battery usage. It’s an ongoing development and we can expect probably fewer apps to be downloaded in the future.

A hot Chinese selfie program called “Meitu”, is going crazy and viral with a lot of the kids, as it gains popularity in the United States. It adds colourful character like features to your photos but the app got itself into a bit of hot water as it’s collecting information about you for advertising purposes. It shares this information and the unique codes about your phone back to servers in China.

Google the leader in many products isn’t quite leading with its pixel phones. In fact, it’s launching not quite managed to get to where the expectations were. In fact, it’s getting crushed. Not surprising considering how many Android phones are available on the market. There might have been some pre-thought that since it’s a Google phone, it would naturally sell with success. However, the cost of the phone itself is extremely expensive compared to options on the market from China.

Back in 2013, a little town out in Alberta decided it was tired of High Cost of Internet to the big providers. And as such decided that it was going to install its own ‘gig town’ development. The location of it is in the community and Regional development of Olds, Alta.,  about 90 kilometres north of Calgary. This now gives the community a full gigabyte per second and a bandwidth for the same price they would pay for a guaranteed hundred megabytes per second. A cost of about $57 to $90 a month, depending if they bundled it with TV or phone. There’s a new craze of developing more communities allowing for this high-speed access to take place, versus limiting it to inexpensive large cities.

It is official,  3D TV is dead. There aren’t any more major TV makers making the 3D TVs any longer. The last two were LG and Sony. Now the TV industry is focusing on 4K, HDR, and Smart TV features as a way to entice people to upgrade. Part of the issue was that there wasn’t enough demand for 3D. The goggles were cumbersome, the movies were limited, and you had to constantly calibrate to make it work which gave people a lot of headaches. So you don’t have to worry about your 3D television any longer.

If you got an iPhone 6s you might have noticed that there are a few that shut down automatically at 30%. They’ve upgraded the operating system but unfortunately, it hasn’t fixed this issue.

Apple’s brand new iOS update still doesn’t fix the iPhone battery bug driving people insane

The first 3-D printed concrete spells a new era and architecture. A 3-D printer that was created by a contractor with the vision of being able to build a home with a 3D printer. This is going to revolutionize in respects to development. Consider it a new era of architecture.