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Tech Talk – Friday, January 6, 2017 – CES 2017 updates, Samsung S8, Note 8, Chromebook

Here are the topics of discussion for the next show on Tech Talk AM900CHML with Adam Oldfield and BIll Kelly.

CES update for 2017 some of the hottest and interesting projects:

  1. Kérastase Hair Coach; Has a measuring element that allows your smartphone to know if your hair is dry, why it’s dry and what you can do to improve it.  It’s a hairbrush smart phone connector.
  2. Let’s not stop there. If you’re pregnant, this device will connect and keep you on top of your contractions and measure it with your phone app.
  3. Tend to have a lot of gas? This product will actually keep track of what food you eat that makes you gassy and of course, keeps it on your smartphone.
  4. Battery powered air filtered scarf. This new product we’ll keep the air clean and keep you stylish. Invented by a French company I’m sure we’ll be all the rage in China.
  5. An underwater drone for fishing.  Tracks and actually will film the fish approaching your lure in 4K . Giving you the opportunity to now share and prove to your friends what YOU almost caught.


Samsung has a new Chromebook that includes a stylus. This Chromebook is going to revolutionize how we use laptops. There was once a time when windows was the only stylist laptop on the market. New Chromebook runs by Samsung now gives you the opportunity to connect all your Samsung devices.


There is a Chinese new phone called ZTE and is launching with a feature no other phone has. It’s called Hawkeye. This feature tracks your eyeball and will scroll without you even putting your finger on the screen.


We heard of fingerprint scanning and Iris scanning but what if we had an all-in-one system allow teachers to better secure your bank account. A company called “Synaptic”, is offering this service and will be available for many Android unit new line.

Bionic eyes are being given to 10 blind people in the UK. A test and possibly a future of how people can see with cyberware.



S8 – New features of the S8 are going to be phenomenal. In fact, it’s going to incorporate many features of the Note 7. Specifically what’s going to make it a leader is the fact it will be stylist friendly, even though with 1/2 1. 3 camera, and Iris scanner. As well as very high res screen. But even more so, this will revolutionize the smartphone for the future. It’s packed so much power that it will actually have a feature that can turn into your monitor and utilize your Bluetooth keyboard and create it as a desktop. Push the button and you now have a smartphone computer directly in front of you.

Note 8 – with all the features of the S8, one feature that’s going to really blow the doors off all the other smartphones is predicted to have a 4k resolution. This is mind-blowing, as they are starting to take off and this Smartphone will allow you to get the full effect of clarity when you put the VR helmet on.


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